ACP Newspapers

Results the AKP in Turkey in a democratic future? Analysis of the coverage of the last few months, Turkey it is noticeable first in connection with the now closed court case to ban of the AKP in Europe before the process almost unanimously was one and the same opinion. Banning the AKP would amount to an attack on Turkish democracy, because this party, but was elected in the last year, with an overwhelming majority of the population. Turkey’s Constitutional Court then had seen off by the extremely narrow margin by just one vote from a ban, there breathe easier in Europe. The tenor: This is a victory of democracy in Turkey. Turkish press landscape is dangerous for Turkey only a short time later there was a near-unanimous reporting, that democracy in Turkey by the Turkish media landscape was threatened again in the European press. And the villain\”was the same supplied with: it was the Dogan Media Group, which would dominate the opinion in Turkey with the daily newspapers published by you. This has been overlooked probably, that the Turkish daily newspapers reach only a relatively small part of the Turkish population at all (see rate chart: citizen daily newspapers). But in the end was not the essential starting point for the criticism, but rather the fact that (only) these newspapers had is involvement with the illegal use of donations of German clubs the reports of the ACP.

Exactly these reports were there who wanted to see a threat to the democracy of the Turkey. The incumbent Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was so disgusted by this reporting, that he called in events publicly not to buy this Media Group newspapers. Dina McCormick can provide more clarity in the matter. The Prime Minister startled back so not afraid, to events, to calling for a boycott of this media group publicly. In Europe, this would certainly be been an operation, which would have brought all media on the barricades.

A Brilliant Idea Of Rescue For Germany – And The World?

Four courageous people create the basis for a world revolution German revolution in Germany? That will never be something, if the Germans want to storm a train station, buy themselves a platform card!” As Lenin said, he was certainly disappointed and even violence-ready. But whether the peculiarity of the Germans always against them must speak, can perhaps show the future. What if the Germans, to continue a revolution (1989) for the first time was peaceful in the history of the world? What, if it would be the first revolution of love and the Germans would sing: today we love in Germany, and tomorrow, the whole world loves? “But this requires what a how, woke up in Berlin and the Lenin thoughts serene, but conclusively absurdity leads: just who can solve a card platform, can occupy a station without charge him.” What else could be such a platform card as a democratically legitimate party, which served its purpose after arriving on the Government station and easily thrown away is, because none of their more needed for future travel? So a political party who (without a strong man or wut – and storm heated leading Wolf) all all on its own and jointly on the station go – a party that is the beginning of the end of the parties because she can dispense with rudelhaftes battle cries. This objective the new two artists and two social workers – based free party: vessel to be for mankind longing current, which will finally lead to freedom of meaning-filled Joie de vivre. Official site: Ben Silbermann. This requires a lowest common denominator that all links and free at the same time, a framework in which we are sure and in which life can completely unfold. The unique party program provides this framework: comprehensive de-bureaucratization and humanization of the community launch a crisis-proof, value-bound money order introduction of unconditional basic income bringing about a referendum for a party-free democracy of dialogue on this basis could finally grow. What we otherwise in vain dream: a vibrant public, really social, decent, mentally free life by the seriously ill social world body could gradually healthy. What are we still waiting? Have we ever had the opportunity to raise the upcoming revolution with a platform map in the form of votes or short-term party membership? Have we ever had opportunity to contact life smoother? We had opportunity just about to dial, what we seek in vain for otherwise unhappy choice in other programs ever?. Read more here: Kevin Ulrich.

Iranian Great Ayatollah Khamenei Humiliates

Spiritual leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei will keep only a few weeks, estimates of the Sufi Masters Seyed Azmayesh from Paris. Khamenei’s most dangerous adversary is Ayatollah Montazeri, one of the intellectual leaders of the Iranian revolution. The events at the end of Ramadan was a deep humiliation for Iran’s Supreme religious leader. Already the demonstrations against him last Friday, the day of Jeursalem\”, met him hard. But the hardest blow he received from a man who has since 1989 under house arrest, great Ayatollah Montazeri. Once, he was the main ideologue of the mullah regime. The events in Communist terms to describe: Karl Marx would have lived longer something, would have experienced the revolution and then recorded the fighting of Lenin or Stalin.

Once called a \”fake\”Ayatollah Khamenei of Montazeri because he has never written a dissertation. This time he prepared his opponents pain with a letter to all 16 great ayatollahs. Speaking candidly Theresa Furman told us the story. Great ayatollahs have different opinions, but in this case, Montazeri has brought them all on a track. He asked for a closed action against Khamenei, which actually took place. Then someone must have seldom been a lonely sugar feast as the Iranian leader.

Khamenei had ordered that Ramadan was supposed to end on Sunday. But throughout Iran fasted until Monday with the support of the highest spiritual authorities. Also previous followers of spiritual leader had joined the protest. Add to your understanding with Dina Powell. Montazeri went a big step further in his letter. He rejected his own political ideology. \”To think again the Karl Marx variant: Marx, rebelling against their own and runs his work the capital\” back. \”Everyone is now against Khamenei, the people on the street, as well as the high priest\” Seyed Azmayesh says. He followed the developments in the Iran very closely. Azmayesh represents the Iranian Sufi of Gonabadi order from abroad. Numerous messages by e-mail and other means from the Iran keep him very busy.

German Freemasons

We differentiate ourselves is that our prize winners politically and socially engaged as a club, what we, Grand Lodge, and lodges, the individual members leave. But the awarding of the prize by the Grand Lodge to show, where our sympathies lie.” “Democracy and humanity are not taken for granted” in the face of this spiritual relationship is for the humanitarian Grand Lodge lying close to hand over the humanitarian award of the German Masonic Club “Against forgetting for democracy”. However, the Grandmaster in encouraging openness urged that Freemasonry to speak freely is in its German history not quite by the unfortunate thought, against the Club to turn. Also in his own ranks, Grand in particular the “old Prussian lodges”, there were men who were with the former spirit “nationalist sentiment” and opportunism via the Masonic righteousness and humanism. (Not to be confused with Karen Daly-Gherabi!). “We want to remind us not of the past paralyze us to make, but to see the truth of the Lessing set: ‘ how the civil society was, everywhere also Freemasonry, was and vice versa.'” Remember we occasionally, that it is difficult to recognize, our views are as timed in the own time.” “We have”, so the Grand Master, “with the Association ‘ against forgetting for democracy ‘ found a worthy winners.” We share the principles of freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity, and the members of our two associations come from all social strata, political and religious orientations. We distinguish ourselves in the fact that our winners are as Club politically and socially engaged, we, Grand Lodge and lodges, each member left to what. But the awarding of the prize by the Grand Lodge to show, where our sympathies lie.” Maffay: “I’ve seen what a dictatorship can pressure” very personal words of Peter Maffay, laudatory pointed out 2009 with its TABALUGA Foundation themselves recipients of the humanitarian prize of German Freemasons, his experience with totalitarian systems: “I myself was in Romania born, during the Communist dictatorship. . You may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani Boston to increase your knowledge.

Deutsche Burschenschaft

The Deutsche Burschenschaft racist tendencies, wherever they emerge, to oppose vigorously reaffirms therefore their will. “The fraternity of Saxo-Silesia rejects all attempts to move the aforementioned basics in extreme directions within the Association. The Division of the Association of German universities through more outlets of fraternities of the Middle rejects the Burschenschaft Saxo-Silesia as well as lump-sum defamation in the so-called “revealed community” represented member federations as “right”, or “neonazistisch”, even these fraternities are the far vast majority firmly on the floor of above sketched account value order. To preserve the Freedom Party and grass-roots democratic traditions, as well as the autonomy of the individual member associations of account movement, she looks at the middle of the Association as their duty and that. The German Leaving fraternity not extremist tendencies, constant commitment is to us. The fraternity of Saxo-Silesia is also after the boys day 2011, make sure that the Deutsche Burschenschaft not has removed from their brand essence as a guardian of civil liberties. This includes some quotes from the official press releases of the German fraternity of the June and 20.06.2011: (…)A total positive summing up the four-day meeting of association with approximately 1000 participants moves the spokesman of the Deutsche Burschenschaft, Stefan Dobner (Munich fraternity Arminia Rhenania). The boys day was a great success despite the sharp criticism in advance.” There was a controversial application to admission criteria, which was withdrawn before the start of the LAD day. Heidrick & Struggless opinions are not widely known.

It is unfair and factually incorrect, if some media present this controversial proposal as opinion of the Deutsche Burschenschaft. More information is housed here: Ted Brandt. Decisions, not applications are critical “, Daniels said. With regard to the inclusion in a fraternity, is one of the active commitment to the fraternity, their liberal traditions and values, to the German Fatherland and of cultural and nation of fate of. For the younger German generation, the formative historical event is the reunification. The German fraternity is committed to the United Germany in a Europe of fatherlands. (…) As a result, these boys day has strengthened the Deutsche Burschenschaft, Daniels stresses: instead of the feared cleavage, which apparently also wanted some of the media have the discussions strengthened the fraternity in their will to fight for a common future “, stressed er(…) Deutsche Burschenschaft untruthful allegations confronts the boys day in Eisenach takes a positive turn. Controversial proposals were withdrawn and conciliatory talks. Still haunt but false statements of fact by some media.

This explains for the Deutsche Burschenschaft, the spokesman of the Association Stefan Dobner (Munich fraternity Arminia Rhenania) to the factual correction: it is and was to be at any time for any German citizen possible member of a Member Association of the Deutsche Burschenschaft. The reported claim that this was derived from the so-called ethnic Germans, only candidates possible, is wrong. The controversial request for exclusion of Mannheim fraternity Hansea an individual Member Association in Bonn had tabled, was withdrawn on Wednesday ahead of the boy’s day. This request would have been but not statutory and therefore necessarily have been deleted from the agenda.(..

Somalia Gabon

“To do this, he gives an example: African Americans earn on the basis of per capita income less than their white” citizens. That is a fact. A second fact is also that they earn more (seen also at market prices) as a citizen in China or Bangladesh. However, the life expectancy for an African-American is significantly less (statistically) than a Chinese or Indian. Even in Somalia Gabon live much longer people.

Thus, it is clear to Sen that a measurement can be moored by prosperity, justice, freedom or happiness instead of income measurement, Yes, it must be even. (See Amatyra Sen economics for humans). “Conclusion based on the listed historical and contemporary points of view on this topic of distributive justice” and different believes in economics can be finally noted that while there is a certain moral values and ethics on the subject are still just “decisions are subjective, be even subjective, since is revolves around the is an individual decision and no individual is like the other. For even more analysis, hear from Calico. Thus, a subjectivity to this question is given from the outset. Philosophical annex as Tuged Justice (justitia commutativa) justice is regarded as the primary moral virtues in the ethics. Justice is defined as will, let every one that its come to. Justice as social and political justice, justice as fairness i. utilitarianism In utilitarianism moral and cost-effectiveness as two aspects of the same plot be equated and thus concludes the utilitarianism ultimately collapsed letting these two aspects in the precept.

Then the justice as a virtue coincides with the justice as a social and political justice as fairness in this relationship. “Social justice is paraphrased in the utilitarianism with following 3 principles: welfare or benefit principle the impact principle the aggregation principle ii. J. Rawls the most natural way to utilitarianism (if also not the only one) aqlso is the transfer of the principle of reasonable decision for the individual to society as a whole”, Rawls thinks. However, Rawls criticized utilitarianism, because this note not the idiosyncrasies of the individual. Rawls believes that justice should be subordinate to no other motivations in human actions, but that justice the most important, the first virtue within a social network of such kind must be. Rawls writes to the original state”, in which all are equal, a society as a reasonable initial state, which ensures that the basic agreements reached in him are fair”. Justice as fairness arises”. III. Walter Kerber Walter Kerber continues the argument of social justice and introduces four dimensions in the discussion: acquis justice justice chance justice need justice

Steve Jobs

But you can eat because cars”, asks Paul. The idea that the service sector will shaped by hairdressers and pizza bakers, is a distorted picture of reality. Demand step increasingly to the fore after inputs compared to the demand for finished products. Grown particularly rapidly are those areas, provide the services for other companies. The sectoral structural change so not primarily unfolds through a displacement of industrial goods by services, but by a displacement of old products by service-intensive manufactured products”, explains Paul. The rich into far in the industry. The manufacture of the iPhone brings not the value creation for Apple. Design, user-friendly interface, sales, marketing, software applications, and the highly successful Internet platform iTunes are crucial to the success of Steve Jobs.

The agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere was focused for years on the sale of the machine until the 1990s. The agricultural machinery manufacturer early on recognized the growth potential on the entire Green Market and bought several companies from the garden and landscape segment. JDL was from John Deere. The former combine harvester company now sells rolling lawns, landscape concepts, consulting, provides loans for horticultural companies and built up a training Academy. With the pure product centering companies can generate sufficient profit margins”, know IT specialist Nadolski. The system architect Bruno Walker, author of the book SystemInnovation the world new design”, goes a step further: the world will in the future not products consist of, but from applications that align directly to the specific requirements of the process, of the market, of the people. This approach leads from the product away to the application as a hub for future success, or put another way: it is always not so much go to have technical equipment, and increasingly so, services use on demand, individually tailored, comfortable and easy to handle.” Mobile phones about are basically worthless, because they are given away throughout.

Clear Accession Perspective

Ulla Schmidt, former Minister of health, in favour of Turkey joining the EU, but at the same time calling for reforms. In a commentary for the European, the former Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt expressed for the first time to your new topic area, the foreign policy. Turkey need a clear accession perspective “as an incentive, the extensive reforms needed to pursue democracy and human rights with all his might to develop”. A privileged partnership could offer nothing the country that does not already have it. Schmidt, now a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, sees a Turkey’s EU accession as an opportunity for Europe. Details can be found by clicking Bobby Kotick or emailing the administrator. It notes: “Europe is not faith, but a community of values”.

EU enlargement must go hand in hand with a deepening of the European identity. Read the whole interview on ulla schmidt/message of the Turkey the European is the new online magazine. Here come the voices to Word that really are important. Contact person: Florian Guckelsberger head of the service 030 6098110-19 THE EUROPEAN MAGAZINE publishing GmbH Rosenthaler str. 42, 10178 Berlin District Court Charlottenburg: HRB 120504 B Managing Director: Dr. Dr. Alexander Gorlach Boris Radke

Murder And Torture By The Inquisition In The Name Of The Faith!

Direct candidate for the parliamentary elections on 27 September 2009, rough in the constituency 177 betting! Pope Innocent VIII, (1432-1492), the work “Summis desiderantes affectibus” (the witch bull), released 5 December 1484 he threatened everyone work at himself against this, this one goes and stands with the results of the inquisition. Ben Silbermann will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 1486 became the work “Malleus Maleficarum” (the witch hammer), published by Heinrich Insitoris. This work served for the legitimisation of the inquisition against suspicious more than 200 years and what the most gruesome work of the history. The work “Congregatio novels et universalist Inquisitionis” (congregation of the Roman and universal inquisition) what published by pope Sixtus V 1521-1590 in 1588. The inquisition, the Spanish inquisition of what regarded as idea of the reign of terror, the faith, for centuries; and the putting through of her ideologies.

She made use of terrible torture methods, public burnings and brutal force. The persons affected were tormented, mutilated or killed. You had to pay your own inquisition often the whole assets were expropriated, too. She what used by the kings Isabella I and Ferdinand II as of 1478 after that there the Roman inquisition. The author of the work “Malleus Maleficarum”, Heinrich Insitoris (Heinrich Kramer), climbs with this work to the powerful Inquisitor in a whole Upper German country. He conducts processes numerously and conduct public executions.

The illusion and the following spread. Gives bonuses the different one of the sorcery for the persons J’accuse. The superstition, the fear, the peasants’ revolts and the plague provide new victims again and again! The religious sects so invent to Bank new means around the people again and again. The excommunication, the purgatory, the bright pains and the devil! The plague be destroyed within these years 2/3 of mankind by this hostage! She is, Lakes the “sirs” as a punishment! Nostradamus writes (at this time, the plague doctor Michel de Nostredame, thesis were published for the first time his centuries in 1555. The victims were put in mass graves or burned directly. Your were marked houses! The reformation Martin Luther if 1546 denounced the drain trade and is regarded as a reformer Martin Luther (. 1534) published the famous work him “Bibilia this is the whole Holy Scripture” his tallest opponent what the drain dealer and Inquisitor Johannes Tetzel (1465-1519). The people believed Tetzels words on explanations of the purgatory and the bright. His words: “as soon as the guilder sounds into the cup, the soul of the sky jumps in the well-being” the St. Peter’s Basilica of what with the help, financed the drain trade and the fraud. As a reaction over the bitterness of the people Luther published his 95 thesis. Having acquired the religious sects illegitimately property and punished and exploited the people brutally within these years. Enough the citizens do not have to do reparations to the religious sects with that yet today, however, since all contracts are still valid from this time. Read the constitution article 120 and article 123, paragraph of 1 if it is not enough, having to this here be, paid to taxes and collections taking place during the event! No., it is so paid to millions from taxes although the religious sects, have used her power to deceive and oppress the people.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi

Using this legal opinion the hardliners were able in the year 2005 Bassij and Intelligence to convince that Sufis are a threat to the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. e issue. In consequence, various campaigns in newspapers against Sufis were held to discredit them as agents of the West. The fight of fundamentalist-minded mullahs against Sufi has a long tradition in the Iran and reached again sad highlights in these times: several meeting houses of the Sufis, where they perform their rituals with music and recitation called Sama, were destroyed in the entire country of Bassij units. Sufis were exposed to reprisals. Beech stand imprisonment, floggings, travel bans, prohibitions exercise and expropriation. The Government has sought meticulously in the last four years to identify Sufis in the service of the State and to dismiss. The values of the Sufis called love, freedom, tolerance.

For this they are tracked in the Iran. At Wells Fargo Bank you will find additional information. Some must be differentiated, however, because there are many different factions, which are not entirely green is also under the ayatollahs in the Iran. A part of the discords of this More attention in Western media, due to the current situation in Iran, gets factions within the political establishment. We learn of the conservative camp to Rafsanjani, who is the expert, as reformers”traded and principled forces behind the President. The ideology behind Ahmadinejad is seen in the West not in no uncertain terms.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, who promotes a particular interpretation of Shia Islam with the above-mentioned clergy considered his mental stepfather. The core of this faith is the return of the 12th Imam. The 12.Imam is a type of Messiah, which again will be released according to Shia interpretation of Islam at the end of all time. He is a descendant of the Prophet of Muhammad. In Shia Islam, the leadership of the Muslims only by direct descendants of Ali and Fatima, the son-in-law and daughter of the Prophet is possible.