Internet communication and entertainment is able to capture a person completely and lead to the replacement of an existing virtual and real life for the development of behavioral dependence requires very little time – about six months. By the same author: Suna Said. Discussion of the existence of the Internet – according began in 1994 and to date has continued to develop this problem not only writing research papers, but also the creation of advisory – psychotherapeutic services to help addicted people. Internet – the dependence is manifested according to the work with your computer (gambling) depending on the "virtual relationships" (chatting, group games) depending on the "virtual sex" as a function of, mediated by the Internet, gaming, auctions, and electronic shopping. In addition, the political, social and economic reasons also provoke a person to Care on the Internet. Jane Fraser has plenty of information regarding this issue. Because the Internet allows you to feel not a small man, and a superhero, a man who can in the virtual world of EVERYTHING.

And there is no state borders, which puts him on the political framework there are no social and economic problems. And that's why so widely spread Internet – addiction among members of different age groups. This kind of communication and entertainment is able to capture human completely and lead to the replacement of an existing virtual real life. All the more so for the development of behavioral dependence – Internet – depending on need, on average per year, while the traditional development, for example, alcohol such period will not be enough. When the Internet – people united by a common dependence symptoms.

Professors And Parents

It is in this point, that the reading must be stimulated by professors and parents, therefore is in a funnier and different way that, the knowledge and the way to think, to act and to reflect of the child goes if arising and extravasando for beyond the walls of a school. CONCLUSION the analysis of data was elaborated, from the process of collection of the same ones, where it was used closed questionnaire with some justified questions. The analysis was made through graphs and commentaries. The amostral population is considerably restricted, the questionnaire was applied for pedagoga, coordinator and two teachers who are in the room with the children, however, were of utmost importance for the results. She initiates yourself, therefore the first question.

1) Which was the reaction of the children by means of, to the first contact with the presence of the components of the group of pupils of psychology? Considerably the first contact, was conturbado for the pupils whom never contact had had, and more still for the children who saw its ' ' mundinho' ' to be invaded by the pupils. Data demonstrated through the graph. Graf 1: It demonstrates to the reaction of the children to the first contact the commentary made for the amostral population defines the unpreparedness of the pupils in the initial contact justified by the experience lack, beyond the aversivo behavior of the children, due to unreliability that the new brings in this age, is evidenced through the theory of Piaget, where mainly in infancy, one ' ' new objeto' ' of knowledge it brings a desequilibrao, until this child obtains to assimilate and to balance itself again, it searchs the biggest number of information on ' ' new objeto' ' , proving through this theory, the contacts that if had followed had been more satisfactory, and they had shown to greater income.

American Psychological Association

These aged ones could be benefited by treatments, in previous period of training to the full manifestation of the dementia. The American Association of Psychology and the American Academy of Neurology recommend that people with CCL must be identified and be monitored how much to the progression to develop DTA (American Psychological Association, 1998; Petersen et al., 2001). Some studies have looked for to identify and to predict which individuals they will go to develop dementia in the future, not only with fisiopatolgicos markers (Buerger et al., 2002; Riemenschneider et al., 2002), but also having as base neuropsicolgicos parameters (Collie & Maruff, 2000; Palmer, Bckman, Winblad, & Fratiglioni, 2003). Check out Payoneer for additional information. In recent study (Petersen et al., 2001), that it used the methodology of the revision based on evidences, was recommended in such a way the use of instruments of tracings (e.g., Mini-Examination of Mental State – MEEM and Test of the Drawing of the Clock), as the use of neuropsicolgicas batteries, brief cognitivos instruments and interviews of the informer structuralized for the identification and monitoramento of people with CCL. In the DTA, comprometimento of the CE has been evidenced in unequivocal way, mainly in the initial periods of training and with the progression of the illness, but this process fully is not understood (for a revision, to see, e.g., Perry & Hodges, 1999). The evidences of the comprometimento of the CE in the CCL also have been observed, but still few works exist the respect (e.g., Hnninen et al., 1997). The verbal fluency semantics, the object denomination, solution of problems, the visuoconstrutivas tasks and the attention meet engaged in the DTA (Foster, Behrmann, & Stuss, 1999; Green, 2000). Some studies have indicated the comprometimento of the operational memory in the DTA in different types of material and procedures (for a revision, to see, e.g., Morris, 1994). Another line of inquiry of the CE in the DTA has studied the processing of sentences, but still the evidences are small.

The Disjunction

It still affirms the necessity to point out the information and the data in its context so that they acquire direction, beyond pointing out them in a global situation, that is still more including that the context. He is necessary effectively recompor all to know the parts. The pertinent knowledge must still recognize the multidimensional character of the human being and the society and in it to insert given intrinsic to this multidimensionalidade. It continues saying that the education must promote general intelligence apt to mention the complex to it, to the context, in multidimensional way and inside of the global conception. In consequence, the education must promote general intelligence apt to mention the complex to it, to the context, in multidimensional way and inside of the global conception. The specializations to discipline many times provoke the disjunction between the humanities and sciences, as well as the separation of sciences in you discipline hiperespecializadas, closed in itself same what we can call antinomy. In these conditions, the minds formed you discipline for them lose its natural aptitudes them to know to contextualizar, fact that the modern education must modify and adjust.

Still in this chapter, the author disserta on the essential problems, standing out between them the disjunction and closed specialization that the problem of the hiperespecializao standes out again that hinders the perception in such a way global it (that it breaks up in parcels), how much of the essential (that it dissolves). Another problem is the Reduction and disjunction. The beginning of reduction it of course leads to restrict the complex to the simple ones, eliminating, of this form, the human element of the human being, that is, passions, emotions, pains and joys. In the same way, when it obeys strict the determinista postulate, the beginning of occult reduction the unexpected one, new and the invention. Our education until today taught in them to separate, to compartimentar, to isolate e, not, to join the knowledge.

Dream Interpretation

Horoscopes primarily give us, the ordinary people, a remarkable insight into the mystical, intriguing and world of dreams. Leafing through the pages dream book, you can unravel the mysteries of the future because all you have to – it is to remember what you dreamed of. And also not small probability that in a dream you can find the answer to a question that has long been no peace. For example, the notorious Mendeleev dreamed a dream table chemical elements on which he worked for a long time in his laboratory. Mendeleyev's Dream gave the right answer. What other examples of remarkable dreams you can remember? Horoscopes how to help people? For example, Joan of Arc in the dream could to see their victory. From ancient times, scientists began to investigate the nature of the dream, trying to build their knowledge in the form of dreams dream book to help people decipher their dreams, to know – what do they mean nocturnal vision. Established experimentally that there are so-called 'prophetic dreams' that dream on certain days, and some in some dreams – 'Dummy', which mean nothing. These issues are studied Freud, Miller and many more serious Scientists in the field of psychiatry. Want to learn more about the mysteries of night dreams?

Energy Spheres

This film is charged with energy higher spheres, and watching it very much helped to change many negative developments. Anger, irritability, anger – is the quality of wood, about people with a large number of this element usually say – "a man of complex character" To avoid creating difficulties in understanding should not be in the apartment of many plants, especially in the bedroom is not recommended to place them. Liver, gall bladder, extremities, spine, neck, eyes, all this belongs to the element tree. Of the senses – sight applies to this item. Many of us sit at your computer for very long, his eyes very tired, so eyes to relax, hang stands next to the monitor green leaf or a green background on the monitor, but on condition that the tree you favorably.

It is also worth taking a vitamin A refers to the element tree, it improves vision and reduces irritation to the eyes. Foodstuffs wood element: sour fruits and berries, vinegar, yogurt, fresh herbs, yogurt and fat. Such a diet is only recommended for those with little tree. Color of the wood – green. For example sofa in the green room will relate to this element. The tree produces fire, the highest layer of this world, the layer where the people involved tend to self-development, a layer of enlightened – a layer of fire. In the Bible describes how the Lord appeared before Moses as a burning bush. Psychic and Sensitive people see angels as bright clusters of light.