Lowrise Construction

According to preliminary estimates of public and private developers in the Omsk region in 2010 will be built and put into operation more than three hundred square meters of real estate. Construction of three thousand new homes was feasible thanks to the initiative of the Council of heads of municipalities, who introduced the Action Plan Government of fresh arrangements that make the real estate in Omsk numerical increase. Government regulation of the real estate market Vitaly Ehrlich, Minister of Construction of the Omsk region, believes that emphasis should be placed on private construction, because it, firstly, is stable when available at this time in the country financial instability, and secondly, the public demand. Others who may share this opinion include MARI ELKA PANGESTU. The share of individual housing construction in 2008 was 47,8% in 2009 – already 55.7%, which suggests the development of low-rise construction in Omsk. Thus, in 2010 thanks to government support of housing purchase and construction of more than a thousand families will be able to give up spending, which calls for rent in Omsk, bought in part by personal funds of a private home. More than a hundred million rubles will be allocated from the state budget of Russia for the supply of housing for young families, and in most cases, young families prefer private homes. Prospects for Housing in The program "Social development Omsk before 2012" will be allocated 73 million rubles social benefits to the individual construction and real estate getting in Omsk at public expense. Such well-versed federal policies have permission to keep the residents of the city, most of which is a promising labor force in Omsk.

In some other cities in Russia Estate shortage forces people to immigrate because of high rents. Vitaly Ehrlich nourishes the hope that by 2012 the Government of the Siberian Federal District will be able to provide their own housing more than eighty percent of the city thanks to the support low-rise building. This will be entirely sufficient to meet the objectives of the leadership of the regional government to improve lives of Omsk. Projections for Housing market experts forecast the market Omsk estate, until 2015 in the region will be put into operation almost 3.8 million square meters. m of housing. 52 percent of the volume of residential areas will have on an individual sector. It is planned that over the next five years, the long-term housing program in Omsk, total cash receipts from all sources will exceed 8.3 billion rubles. 36 percent of this amount will be allocated from the regional budget. The success of these plans is determined by close cooperation of the executive authority of the Omsk region, municipalities and investors.

Banks Are Becoming More “flexible” To Customers With Financial Problems

Banks and other lending institutions in the United Arab Emirates are becoming more flexible with customers experiencing financial difficulties. because the number of outstanding mortgages in the country, will likely continue to increase because of the growing number of people unable to pay its debts. Some people just bring and give us the keys to their apartments before leaving the country. “- says an international consultant on mortgage lending an independent consulting company Sherwoods Independent Property Consultants Louise Buff (Luisa Baffa), -, however, must recognize that some uae banks are trying to make concessions to their clients, modify and extend the payment schedule to allow creditors to recover their financial position. ” Banks are definitely becoming more tolerant of their klientam. general manager of real estate advisory firm The Specialists Sobhi Agha (Sobhi Agha), – If they would continue to continue to take a tough stance, it would lose customers who were forced to just throwing their debts and flee, so they have to learn to maneuver and flexibility, adapting and getting used to the problems of customers and their requests. ” According to the Dubai mortgage operator Amlak Finance, in 2009 he captures a greater number of unpaid loans than in 2008 and expects that number to continue to increase in 2010. Mortgage market in Dubai is estimated at present to 20 billion dirhams (5.4 billion dollars USA), which was 5.4 billion dirhams (1.4 billion U.S. dollars) more than it was in 2007. “In these uncertain times of global economic crisis would be surprising if the number of defaulters in the uae would remain the same. Country experiencing the same difficulties as all other countries in the world “- says head of department of real estate at dla Piper Middle East O’Gredi Tom (Tom O’Grady). In addition to the usual semi-annual deferral of payment, already prevalent in banks, Some of them have begun to offer investors smaller apartments to replace those that have been chosen by them before the crisis. (Similarly see: Andi Potamkin). The number of banks included First Gulf Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Emirates nbd. “It is clear that when the financial difficulties and the creditor and the bank must attempt to mutually resolve them in a friendly and peaceful manner. “- says O’Gredi -” We work with many banks and owners and investors / buyers who are in similar situations, and helping them find solutions to problems that may be expressed either in the revision and postponement of payments or restructuring debt payments. In general, do everything possible to avoid litigation or deprivation debtors’ rights to property “. Due to the absence of a universal mortgage legislation situation resolve disputes related to non-payment, the uae is different. Recall that in 2008 in Dubai was Act on the mortgage, which defines the procedures and requirements for the deprivation of the debtor’s right of redemption and the possibility of selling the property at auction. In other emirates, where currently no There are no laws on the mortgage, subject to the provisions of the Civil Code of the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, even in the existing law there is no specific article on the basis of which banks or other financial institutions would have the right to take property. In all cases, to return property or transfer the rights to it to court, this material has been prepared _ .Ru.


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