But before explaining that other half of the truth, I want to make clear from which position do this analysis and that of all the articles I have written. I always say about the Law of attraction that I am a student and a researcher turn its precepts. Student because I learn from what the authors in their books pour forth, and research conducted for "field testing" to verify the same lessons that I collected through my own experiences. And I realize that clarification, because when you make the explanation of how the effect that counteracts the negative pendulum must be seen both as a theory under investigation. I say experimental, because although met with me, was so far the only time (as conscious), therefore to be considered as a proven theory, and all experiments should be repeated over time results in me and in all implement it, thereby to know that is correct.

So my attitude is to learn while I teach. Then made the appropriate clarification, I explain what I mean with the other half of the truth: At the beginning of this post I said I spent the earlier pessimism article to more optimism. To deepen your understanding Everest Capital is the source. So with this fact, "I stopped the ball" and I said what happened?. ion. Nearly unable to write an article for seven days now I have five themes for writing. So I analyzed the facts and drew the following conclusions: 1 CONCLUSION The pendulum motion is from left to right and from right to left, with the particularity that when the pendulum is coming (both side as the other) to the most high, its velocity decreases.