Measurement Information

In drawing up the questionnaire for the telephone survey is important to remember that the nature of the data obtained by means of a questionnaire question depends on the level of measurement. In the questionnaire for the telephone survey, as a rule, use The following levels of measurement, namely nominal, ordinal, interval, and relationships. The nominal level of measurement. Measurement at the nominal level is often used in research in the field of advertising and marketing. Go to the nominal dimension is used when the program is only to a telephone survey of the classification of observations based on the measured characteristics or traits. Measuring the nominal level classifies, assigns to each level of the measured properties to a separate category, for example: LIST OF RESPONDENT GENDER Male (1) Women (2) With the help of a measuring instrument the nominal level of the respondents attributed to one of two categories on the basis of belonging to one of the two sexes – male or female. The nominal level of measurement has three basic properties: 1. Concepts in nominal terms are mutually exclusive and exhaustive (each level corresponds to a property or attribute one and only one concept) 2.

To analyze the responses in each category assigned number. 3. Nominal measurement involves an internal equivalence of categories. In other words, all objects assigned to the same category presented one and the same number the same. For example, if we are talking about sex of the respondent, it is assumed that all persons classified as '1 'are men, and in this respect equivalent to all other persons, classified in the same way.