Emerging Technology

Many businesses are really enjoying the advances that are occurring in technology, especially those technologies that are increasing communication skills between professionals and clients of a company. Videoconferencing has been used for several years to communicate from one end of the planet to another; However, some complications arise when the Conference is used in standard video; including distorted audio and jumps of screen on the computer that plays the video. In order to meet these complications many companies are currently using Telepresence, which allows a person to reinforce the experience of feeling as if you were present at a location that is not in reality. When a person uses Telepresence technologies she feels completely submerged in a distant location. Telepresence is different from the Virtual reality since the person is seen wrapped in a fictional space; Instead, she interacts with the real world in a distant location.

Telepresence began as a concept in the first half of the 1990s, since in this decade was when a significant number of companies began to create technology that would make it possible that a person could feel connected with a distant space at a given time. At the beginning, the Telepresence was used as a method of communication between families whose members lived in different places in the world; However, with the passing of the years companies have begun to realize the benefits that can be obtained by using a means of communication as efficient and effective. WHO wanted to know more. Use of telepresence applications provides a method of agile communication, which allows that important business decisions are taken quickly, as well as also allow companies to maintain up-to-date and aware of new and emerging trends in the market. Remote surgery, corporate conferences and a myriad of other applications can be implemented through telepresence. Many people involved in educational activities make use of Telepresence, as an effective method to connect students with their teachers and other professionals. Telepresence can be used under water or at great depths below the Earth’s surface. When the Telepresence is used in these locations, it allows professionals in different fields to virtually visit these sites without any risk.

Many professionals say that as the application technologies of telepresence advance them shall to possible, for example, visit archaeological ruins without causing any damage to the sites. Telepresence applications come in different forms, being the most basic phone. Although the phone users feel as if they were located in the location of who is on the other side of the line, the phone breaks down barriers of distance and allows these users to communicate efficiently. Advances in the technology of telepresence applications have added video features, which gave birth to what is today known as video conference. Much of forms of videoconferencing allow a person to see your partner on a big screen. Telepresence applications and some other systems that are created in a sophisticated manner awaken all the senses of its users, using some applications that even stimulate the senses of taste and smell. Much research and development are dedicated to the implementation of this type of telepresence applications, and these applications usually require users to use a viewer and other equipment, since these tools help to make users feel as if they are definitely found in a distant location.