Middle Valley

North of the community of Madrid, bordering the province of Segovia, we can find the high Valley of the Lozoya. It’s a small paradise of harmony and tranquility located less than an hour from the capital and that arrives is easily by the road from Burgos. The Lozoya valley consists of the upper Valley, the Middle Valley and the lower Valley, which divided the discourse of the Lozoya River from its birth to its mouth. This River is known and famous by offer to all locals and visitors one of the best water in Spain, coming most of its flow of the Sierra de Guadarrama and the winter frosts that stalk all the towns here are found. In the high Valley, the most important town is Rascafria, but the Alameda del Valle, Pinilla del Valle, Oteruelo del Valle and Lozoya are peoples who complete all this Haw natural and cultural. Other points of interest more important in the Valle del Lozoya is are El Paular, Penalara Park and reservoir Pinilla. In summer there are many locals who come to Rascafria to enjoy the natural pools of the clips in full flow of the Lozoya River, and amid forests and pure nature. Routes for getting lost in all this paradise are nearly endless, whether it’s with our bike, our legs or our horse. issues. We can always follow the clues that tell us where going, but the freedom of being able to lose by del monte and only listen to nature, is priceless.