Communication In Recession

Monterrey, n.L., Mexico. – If something to fascinate to the Mexicans is the bad news: This year is going to be worse, but to see, is necessary to follow to him the shrapnel of information in radio and television that is restricted to means second informs into ghost of the recession but without giving to majors details. In the humble house of some of the 550 thousand regiomontanos – more of the 10 by one hundred that live in extreme poverty, or in the house of some pensioner, or of the unemployed major of 40 years and still of the young people that this year is received and needed use, the word recession drills brings back to consciousness. In Wall s$street stock-market fell below the psychological barrier of the 12 thousand points. Amen. The humble mortals, almost the 98 percent of the population of Mexico we do not know what is stock-market nor as is reversed; and we would know although it, we do not have money to enter the stock-exchange jueguito to him that enormous lottery. The preoccupation of the Mexican average is to pay to the high receipts of services public, to let for evil eat, to take care of a the scholastic children and their needs and to go happening: then already sees as is the thing the mass media do not have prepared people to explain that it is what happens in the economy of the United States, how and why of mortgage bonds scrap iron and the reflection of these subjects in the bags of the world that is authentic houses of orates because a day they are depressed and to the other day is euphoric.

Of there the importance into which the mass media can inform with objectivity and to explain with sanity that if this United States year does not grow, does not happen to him nothing burdens. That if the values of the Mexican companies lower, they are not scared: Carlos Slim is not going to let its airplanes particular to go away in truck; that the industralists of Monterrey will not stop coexisting in the luxurious great dining rooms of the corporative ones. He is more, they neither they watch nor they listen to radio. The course of sees it to the actions in their offices in real time through the monitors that the own Mexican Stock market of Values installs to them. The information badly handled of the radio and television ofusca to a town that does not have hope in immediate the future and that is inclined to the bad news Pos to see what we are going to him to do. Those that is in recession, in informative matter specialized, are the means and not all, because some recognize their ignorance and simply they do not have economy sections, financiers and of businesses. To the Carrier Those that yes know to play in stock-market are Natural Gas, CFE, Telmex, Water and Drainage and those that are joined: they do not remove the hand from the pocket of the defenseless citizen.