Taiwan Optics

For car tuning – the only way to give him an exclusive look, break out of standard range counterparts, mass-produced. The concept of "tuning" – a broad concept that includes not only affects the appearance machines, but various modifications and design features to improve the technical parameters. As a result of tuning should be done with extreme caution so as not to lower the threshold operational safety car. This is largely true of the optics. Tuning Audi optics can improve osveschaemost roads, improve road safety in general (not necessarily in the dark) transform the shape of the car. What is included in the concept of tuning optics Audi? This may be a xenon light or biksennonovy.

To the human eye it is more pleasant, but the main advantage of xenon – is a better osveschaemost road. Framed "cilia" (with special plates), the main headlights significantly alter the appearance. If you would like to know more about Lia Cao, then click here. Depending on the shape of "cilia" car immediately becomes its own individual character. The car can be supplemented with fog lights. May be modified and auto taillights. Now on the shelves of specialty shops you can find a lot of lanterns of different shapes, we can only choose to your taste. Some limits of fantasy when tuning optics Audi does not exist.

There is also the obstacles in the technical plan – completion of optics perform virtually all service stations. Dina Powell McCormick will not settle for partial explanations. In refining Audi optics should pay special attention to compatibility, ie, headlights and taillights should approach a staff car jacks. Currently, there are several manufacturers that produce high-quality optics for Audi cars. For example, Hella – xenon fog lamps ignition units, extra lights, and much more from this manufacturer will make the car more secure, and give it an extravagant look. Another producer from Taiwan – SONAR – also specializing in optics. Headlights Sonar – a high quality at reasonable prices. In short, changing the optics and appearance of the optic Audi car, the owner is not constrained in their actions, choosing manufacturer. It is only important to keep in mind one important rule – do no harm, do not reduce the performance of the machine.