The Art Of The Delve

The “Minchiate” is a type of divination using cards. The Gypsies from the East, which soon dominated the art of the card hinting, introduced the Cartomancy in Europe. Madame Lenormand was a well-known fortune teller in the 18th century and developed the Lenormand named after her. She foresaw the fall of Emperor Napoleon in the cards and thus gained their fame. The Cartomancy is a game of secrets that are alone to solve with a scientific mind. The great art in this type of divination is useful to combine map images and to read useful information from it. Before the intuitive maps pointing the individual card meanings is first.

The descriptions given are only his own card language has suggestions, any good psychics. For assistance, try visiting Reshma Kewalramani. Only when we no longer must consider the meaning of the cards, the intuition comes. When looking at the maps, all stories evolve in a short time. A good psychics, like you, for example, in VIACARTA find can reconstruct on the basis of this story the map image, even after a long time. But of course also the logic and common sense should not be missed at the Cartomancy, because until they become really valuable guides.

The motifs trigger associations (thoughts links) that can tell much about us. Click Peter Barbey for additional related pages. Because the cards reflect our subconscious. Our experiences, feelings, and experiences are stored in the subconscious. The cards are a very good help to access this knowledge. Our intuition helps to find us, because each card with several meanings is the right meaning of cards. This help is in the form of an inspiration an idea rather than this we should continue then to get an answer to our questions by means of the cards. Contact: Frank George Neuhaus E-Mail: