The Pure Horror: Halloween Opening At Elbenwald

The fantasy Portal Elbenwald awaits its guests with a terribly beautiful Halloween party contest and more than 200 masks and costumes for the scariest day of the year. Cottbus, which from 28.9.2009 – today is Halloween! As already there is the fantasy Portal Halloween high time, although it officially still good 4 weeks until the horror Festival of the year. The Festival of pumpkin heads is acknowledged for the first time with a specially created Halloween contest and an own Halloween section in the costume of range of lifestyle provider. It is well prepared for the Panel-addicted and solid horror fantasy fans where, the Halloween day is becoming more popular on the 31 October of year to year. More information is housed here: Marko Dimitrijevic accident. Elbenwald calls to take part in the big Halloween party contest and to align the most original Halloween party of the year. The celebration party Halloween fans with weekly tips on to the perfect Panel matching party decorations to the tasty menu are supported. The winners can enjoy a Freddy Krueger masks unique as well as all guests over an Elbenwald shopping voucher.

Finding the right panel for the Halloween party, should be easy: Elbenwald range has been increased more than 200 complete outfits, masks and costume accessories and really does everything you need it to the creeps in this year. The offer includes bestseller costumes such as those from the Addams Family or Freddy Krueger, but also useful accessories such as vampire ears or witches masks. Even Carnival fans operate perfectly with this mixture. Managing Director Jens Geppert: On strong customer demand, we have extended our costume section several times. Just fancy costumes and original accessories have been obtained and are certainly new bestseller. If you like, can envelop for Halloween in a high-quality undead warrior costume or create a few inexpensive werewolf contact lenses. “Halloween is a Festival for everyone and is the main thing: falling up and have fun!” With this wide range of panels, Elbenwald is its reputation as a Fantasy – and lifestyle portal: find the appropriate masquerades for movie fans of Lord of the rings, Harry Potter up to Batman; also for lovers of medieval vestments or sorcerer and pirates whether large or small. The costumes are refined by appropriate masks, ears, makeup sets, wigs and weapons.

And the most unusual costume? We leave it to your research, we can design spooky actions like together. Elbenwald is this like your cooperative partner and is looking forward to the Festival of pumpkin heads with you. The Elbenwald GmbH is specialized and Germany leading niche provider of fantasy-merchandising, Gamerkleidung and lifestyle needs. “As catalogers, Elbenwald GmbH supplies since the year 2000 through the website fantasy interested buyers, gamers and movie fans on topics such as Lord of the rings”, Harry Potter, world of Warcraft”, Batman” etc. A second, critical distribution channel is several times in the year published catalog.