The Ratio

For training completion, as a rule, graduates possess a standard set of training programs baseline. Mistakenly assume that it will allow you to easily create programs for all customer needs. 4 Great coaches will be your great mentors. Every coach dreams of starting a mentor, a teacher, who will lead his profession to the heights of excellence and glory. I have often heard the coaches are proud to tell of whom they learned, identifying himself with the carriers of these famous names. But, unfortunately, the competence of a good coach and a good mentor are distinct and rarely coexist in one person. Most often, the so-called coaches, "brands" – loners who do not have the motivation to guide you through life.

Practical advice on choosing courses for the business coach: In conclusion, I want to share the conclusions that I made when choosing a program for training, interviewing those who carries out, and those who have already passed. They are simple, and probably can help you in choosing any training, but as it turned out, in practice many are neglected and they are wasting their resources. Look for a program with solid theoretical base. People who for whatever reason have not created a theoretical course, is hardly ready to give you a hands-on experience. This is akin to learning witchcraft, there is such a principle: that remember – that and yours. All this is done in the hope of objective limitations of human memory and is based on the reluctance to raise competitors.

Prefer programs where there is a possibility along with a learning place practice. The organizers of training in virtually 100% of the cases can not offer you anything, but if the training is extended in time, you will be able to begin to have something to try. Choose a program where you will be able write a practical thesis. The very writing of the thesis can pretty much give you as a business coach. This communication with the instructor, and test their new ideas and knowledge and develop relevant programs for you Training the key. Be sure to check the ratio of provider to mentoring. It is better in some way to check before signing the contract. It is very important to determine how generously agreed to share knowledge and experience in this company. In the market there are cases where for every additional word, especially of a practical nature, a very reputable company asking for more pay, or in response to further questions do meaningful entity. Pay attention to the requirements imposed providers to the audience. From this simple fact it depends who you'll learn, share experiences, to perform batch tasks. And also this fact indicates the level of the company: the knowledge it brings, or to earn money. should not be based on the price. As is known, and most importantly – the ratio of price and quality. Select program effectiveness, not cost, because invaluable experience and your time are much more expensive. Good luck! Do not forget that it's hard to exercise – easy in battle!