The Salary

You are advised as criteria to take into account in making the decision the following: quality programs. In this section, are two things that must be taken into account. Firstly, the duration of the course. Another point to consider is the practical approach to studies. A master must facilitate the introduction to the working world, so it must be very close to this.

For this purpose, necessary that Center has all the resources needed to convey the practical base. Objectives of the course. You have to read carefully the goals and methodology of the programme. It offers a complete vision? Does it focus on aspects that concern us? It contains case studies? It requires the completion of a project? It is very important that a graduate program focuses on teaching students with practical and not theoretical. Learning as the main axis. The methodology or educational system that uses the school or University where we decide to pursue our master will have to be decisive.

Teachers. A list of prestigious professors in the salary of a master assumes many points in its favour. Students and former students. It is advisable to ask those who have studied if it has been useful to them and know the number of graduates by the institution that have been found or improved his job thanks to this training. Installations. Another element to be evaluated are facilities and technical resources of the school (number and availability of computers per student, library with access to international databases and publications, work rooms). Work bag. The effectiveness of a master job is closely related to the prestige of the center that teaches it. The more renowned is the school will get a greater number of quality jobs. Special financing. There are many centers that offer the possibility of College obtenerbecas to pursue their studies. Relations with the company. There must be a ms that next relationship with the companies. Among other formulas, it is interesting that there is job opportunities, internships in companies of the sector, research grants. In addition we must also take into account if they have research centers or company trampolines to help their students to develop their business projects. International relations. Probably more than in any other type of postgraduate relations and the international recognition of the course are key. We must assess the possibility of making exchanges or participate in seminars and multinational working groups. If we are unable to finally none of the courses chosen for economic reasons my recommendation is to wait for a better time before that make a program that does not satisfactorily meet our expectations.