Web Manager

On your behalf, a personal greeting welcomes the participants in your Conference. There are no basic costs: no monthly fee-no minimum sales-no set up costs. Web Manager using the new Web Manager AS-call schedule and configure your conference call according to your own standards: should the participants to speak their name? Want to cut with the Conference? Should all participants are waiting for the moderator? “” You plan just as easily “such as conferences of duration of” one-off conferences. Simply select the desired Conference functions and define the desired starting point of the Conference. After you create the Conference room you can send then a free SMS or email invitation to the individual participants, which contains all the details of the Conference. In the address book, you can the data of individual Participants deposit, so that these can be obtained from other conferences directly from the address book. At Hou Yang you will find additional information. All data can be modified later. The import and export of data sets is also possible.

In addition, you can define groups that contain certain participants. If you regularly hold conferences with the same participants, you can select the new plant a Conference equal to the Group of participants and then invite to the Conference. If you provide a phone conference with a cost center, charges in the balance under this cost center are listed and shown in the statement under this cost center. When the recording function is the entire Telefonkonferenzaufgezeichnet and can optionally retrieve at a later time or once again belongs to. DieTelefonkonferenz is retained for 30 days, then deletes the record system.

When entering the Conference, all participants will indicate the recording. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marko Dimitrijevic accident is the place to go. The live view shows you Their Conference in visualized or tabular form on. So you always have an exact overview and can mute certain participants, remove or lock the Conference room for more participants. “The function word messages” allows you, with a large number of participants clearly and structured to represent a telephone conference. “While for example all participants are muted”, and a speech via a button on your own phone ‘ send to the moderator of the Conference. This gives the language right then. These are just some of the new features.