Western Europe

Here you could undertake a lengthy journey through human history, from Nimrod first King of Babylonia, until Hussein, the dictator fallen from Iraq or Babylon, passing by a long trail of names and places, bloods, abuses and failures ranging from classical tyranny to the totalitarianism of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, without exempting the military and civilian dictatorships in the third world disguised as democracy, Islamic theocracies nor great warlords of Latin America. All overwhelmingly popular, all justified with good reasons, and all of them finished in disaster. But we can save the depressing recento. Concentrated power has always just wrong for two reasons. First because the good decisoonbes need to be based in reason or the best argument in each case, and no one has the monopoly of knowledge. Secondly, because power without control is unknown or violates the rights of some members of society. The dictatorships and the caudillismos fails because they make disastrous mistakes and the oppressed or excluded rebel. Democracy needs patience to listen and time to dedcidir: why exasperates many.

But the remedy is worse than the disease, as Winston Churchill put it forever: democracy is the worst system of Government, with the exception of all other systems, the proof is in Western Europe or United States: only prevails beyond knowing and just beyond all have rights, everything else is sadness. Today, in much of Latin America democracy is being destroyed in the name of democracy. The dispersion of power it is running with the support of majorities. In some cases impatience against terrorism has prevailed. New warlords concentrate power and re-elected with the general applause of the people, who now light up with nationalism. And why, although many do not see it, or do not wish to see, Latin America will continue to be sadness. Original author and source of the article.