What Is Coaching And Why Is It Necessary To Hire A Coach?

Coaching is a process through which the coach interacts with the coachee in order to achieve previously raised goals. Coaching also helps achieve extraordinary results through provocative discussions to reveal himself to the person and develop their full potential. The coaching technique and terminology comes from the sports area, we all know as athletes who excel in a given area, always accompanies a personal trainer, which helps in the process towards achieving the goals set and achieve results, otherwise extraordinary. It is well known that self can not see their blind spots (Johari window), ie, that facet of our lives where we are not at all skilled, or could catalog of weaknesses that are installed on our way of acting and be but we do not know, we have no consciousness of them, and that somehow we are preventing achieve the cherished goal, when hiring a coach, the truth is revealed by this, as witness respectful of the learning process of the coachee, lets see, as mirror of truth, those elements of his personality, such as how to act, so to speak, or style of relating, which may be impeding the achievement of its objectives. Learn more about this with Santie Botha. We all have blind spots in our personalities, know all areas of our lives where we are not clever but the others if they see and know, by hiring a coach simply open ourselves to hear from the outside what you have to say respect of those blind spots that have become obstacles in the path to success and success both personally and professionally. Likewise we could say that in the process of coaching, the coach with the client discover skills, strengths, talents unknown, and the power and channels for the customer to use as support towards achieving the goal set. Coaching In the process of evolution and personal and professional growth of the subject is accelerating as the coach acts as a catalyst for processes, to help you do more than it has done previously or what is believed capable of doing, and this obviously is an important added value. Finally, when hiring a coach, either for life or for professional development, the person extends its way of thinking, questioning their paradigms are flexible to adapt and open to change, allowing you to leave your area comfort and explore new territory..