Windows Access

Informational Web-systems receive special advantage where there is a distributed network of users system. This may be a branch structure of the organization, the availability of remote employees and partners. The same Web-system is more advantageous in case of need mobile access, such as when the user works with a different pc, or it must have access to the system from his laptop computer, but do not be geographically bound. In this case, the benefit is no need to install the client software and provide access to the system (except for access to the internet). If you are facing a dilemma, whether suitable information system, based on the technologies of Web, it is you, you can compare a list of their claims with a list of requirements that Web technologies satisfy best: want to create a common information space for remote offices, customers or partners (accounting systems, warehouse systems, electronic displays, information portals), users' desktops are equipped with differing platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows), or the hardware configuration does not allow the launch of full-length applications (netbook, thin client); the absence of their own computing power, skilled service personnel to configure servers, user workstations, upgrades, however, keep in mind that there are a number of requirements that regardless of the platform makes the project Web-based technologies is absolutely unacceptable: the presence of highly interactive interfaces (interactive games), the need to work on the client side with an additional equipment (direct imaging with a digital camera), the processing of data without loading the server, implementation of the ui elements outside of the browser window (the icon in the system tray), work with the system are not connected to server. The current trend of development of software systems is such that the proportion of remote network, including Web-based solutions is growing.

This is primarily due to lower cost of operation such systems, improving the quality of communication channels and reducing their cost. Web-technology is also not standing still, and become more rich possibilities of constructing an interactive interface, advanced rapid development environment Web-based applications to interact with existing systems and services. Of course, no matter how advanced the technology was not one she is unable to solve 100% of the tasks, and the Web is no exception. But if Web-solution satisfies the requirements of your project, rest assured – this technology will not disappoint you.