Virtual Business

After seeing what you must make in principle to order a virtual business to a designer, you begin to see how the person has designed her business who goes to become position of the design of yours. It remembers that everything what does, or stops doing, will be reflected in your virtual business. First observation, Its commercial activity this focused in a niche of certain market? I believe that before I must to you explain that it is a market niche. A market niche is a portion from market at which you want to arrive with products and certain services. Suponte that you wish to sell the children to them of, between seven and twelve years, of high spending power. Since sides you have chosen a certain portion of the market and therefore all your communication goes to these directed to that group of people, you are going to use the words that they use, you are going to use the phrases who they use, you are going to use the ways that they use.

Of another way they will not understand to you and therefore you are not going to get to wake up the desire of which they buy your products and services. When choosing that portion of the market you go to especializarte in her and you are going to generate products and services that those children want to acquire and the rest of you are going it to the world to ignore. That is to choose a market niche. Because you must choose a market niche? , if beams that you are not going to have problems to communicate your proposals of sales, and also you are going to have problems to design products and services. We suppose that you want to him to sell products and services to all the children among seven and twelve year of age.

Financial Education

A famous saying says, ” The expenses always increase to get to be equal at ingresos.” The saving is not an ability that is born to us naturally. We have the tendency rather to spend as soon as we have means in our hands to do it. It does not concern a whichever person wins, always is going to want to spend it everything, that has learned to discipline itself and to save at least. One thinks that it has certain needs and that it needs to replace them, but once they are covered multiply and they are transformed into 10 additional needs. The needs are very relative and we must be careful and very wise when establishing the correct priorities in our life. This is certain still in the life of a young person. Nissan is often quoted as being for or against this. The young people are not conscientious the fact that a day its capacity to produce and to work is going to fall.

They incur unnecessary expenses and often they get into debt themselves in excess trusting that they are going to have ” all their vida” in order to pay the debts. The problem is that yes they will pay to his debts all their life, but are not going to be able to make a good provision for the future. Nor to speak of financial independence, one goal that all person could reach. For that reason one of the most important things that we can teach to our children when the handling of the money is, is like saving. I want to share as we taught to our children to save.

Like all the children, my children were dazzled when they had in his hands the power to buy something. Instead of to ask itself that options would have for that ticket that somebody had given to them, or that they had gained having worked, they were asked that thing could buy with him. Nor the possibility of not spending it was crossed to them by the mind! In order to teach the valuable lesson to them of the saving, my husband proposed the following treatment to them: He said to them that, by each weight that they did not spend he she was going to them to pay an additional weight within a year. Santo remedy! They stopped spending its money immediately and began to save. In that year the habit of the saving formed in them. They realized of which to spend the money is not the unique option, something that still many adults do not know. Nowadays our two daughters majors already have been able to resort to their savings to make investments more profitable than a simple account of saving.

Public Administrations

How many times when abrir the house mailbox we have thought that too many business letters are sent? The climatic change is in the mind of all and, in many occasions, this excess of paper can worry to the consumers about the uncertainty that supposes not to know with exactitude the life expectancy the natural resources the Earth. Every day, the citizens we constantly received messages on the importance of recycle or in mass media or the advertising campaigns of the Public Administrations. Although in the last decades the Spaniards we have regained consciousness in this practice, the global number obtained not yet is sufficient. Unfortunately, the good one for doing of is eclipsed by the lack of awareness of other so many, that they continue making contingency not covered by law to the problems that it causes to us, and will cause in the future very near, the feared climatic change. According to a report corresponding to the first trimester of 2011 published by EUROSTAT, the communitarian statistical office, Spain are below average of the European Union as far as sweepings recycling although it generates more than the average of the set of the 27 Member States. Concretely, each Spanish produces to the year 547 kilos of sweepings, of which 82 are only recycle. More than half of the total (52%) he finishes in garbage dumps. And he is that he is not enough that the effort is made solely from the Public Administrations, but is necessary that each of us, in the measurement of its possibilities, tries to become one more a more sustainable person. In spite of the discouraging data, there is a positive aspect and he is that our country reduced in five percentage points the volume of remainders that it sends to the garbage dump in comparison with the data of the previous year.