Without Lena Win

Auto ball Championships, the TV presenter is again favorite Gibraltar, 04 June 2010 for the second time Stefan Raab car ball tournament in the LANXESS arena Cologne will take place this Friday evening. More or less known from TV and sports compete, exactly one week before the start of the World Cup in South Africa final World Cup euphoria to bring to the country. At the start, including Ailton for Brazil, perennial favorite Joey Kelly for Ireland, as well as Harry Wijnvoord for the Netherlands are in addition to Raab. According to the bookmakers of PartyBets, so Stefan Raab will be also champion evening after the European Championship title two years ago today: 2.00 is the rate on the host. Already with a respectable gap behind Ireland’s Joey Kelly follows with a quote by 3,25. Vice European champion Giovanni Zarelli goes for Italy with a 5.50 in the race, while already nine of the own use will be paid for the victory of ball lightning Ailton.

The quotas for the second half of the candidate list are all in the double-digit range. This is the rate on the former tennis star Henri Leconte of France 11.00 respectively 13, 00 for Ghana, which is represented by moderator Daniel Aminati. Singer Ross Anthony starts for England and is regarded with a rate of 15.00 as an outsider. Tail light is finally Harry Wijnvoord for PartyBets is a ratio of 23,00. However, because the TV events by Stefan Raab for spectacular events are notorious, PartyBets offers specials for today’s competition. The rate at 11.00 for the case that Raab injured must leave as a result of a crash with Daniel Aminati the tournament motto the Raab as Ballack “. Ailton ball lightning makes all his nickname honor, by he scored the fastest goal of the tournament, is the rate of 6.00.

And when Giovanni Zarelli successfully applies the Italian Catenaccio tactics and conceded not conceding a single goal during the tournament, is a quote from 9.00 to bear. Last but not least, PartyBets offers a rate of 5.00 for the unrewarding fourth place by Harry Wijnvoord. That would be my price was”will think of the Dutch in this case sure. About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks.

I Just Love You Hansi Hinterseer -; LIVE – Open Air 2010

The open air concerts at the Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel travel annually over ten thousand fans from all over Europe, even from overseas every year they get offered a sensational show with top musical guests. By ARD/ORFII, DSF and DK4 reached aired “the great Hansi Hinterseer open air” up to 8 million viewers! The large Hansi Hinterseer Kitzbuhel open air 2010 is “now available on DVD!… for all that this year could be in Kitzbuhel, there like all the thousands of guests, who have celebrated with us on site, and once again made these days in August to an unforgettable experience.” The special delicacies for relaxing hours with the most beautiful pictures of the fan walk and “Hansi Hinterseer Kitzbuhel open air 2010”. With the open air program 2010 is host Hansi Hinterseer happy: “the evening ended much too quickly. Learn more about this with Robert Kiyosaki. We had wonderful weather, a great atmosphere with a beautiful, new stage with visitors from all over the world, even from Arizona and Australia.

Glad that your back This ward! That like us this year in August all have already seen again Kitzbuhel for the ninth time in my home to common hiking and celebrations, particularly pleased! Thousands were on the mountain and twice to the open air concerts in the sold-out Stadium. This togetherness, this cohesion are simply barig. Each one of you makes all this event a very special experience for us. “I enjoy these hours when you around me to the songs dancing and celebrating, that I specifically chose for you.” The fan walk and the open air are the highlights of the year for Hansi Hinterseer. Therefore it was him 2010 especially important after all these years, he had already invited concerts to the annual open air, so really nice out to brush the open air stage his loyal fans and to present in a festive, new garment. Hansi Hinterseer, in young years an internationally successful athletes, now 16 years the top star of the folksy Schlagers with increasingly international Chart successes, put together and again a musical package around the Kitzbuhel open air with the present DVD to popular fan demand. With its stylistically wide-ranging forays through the folk song with rousing marks of fiery South American rhythms, the star of folk music popular traditional folk songs by unconventional for the industry, refreshing sounds surprised. Come with me in the Tyrolean mountains! The tracklisting is a fireworks display of good humor and captures the unparalleled atmosphere of the open air show 2010 with incredible 25 Hansi Hinterseer hits: whether for the romantic uptempo single you’re my life, or the expansive country ballad sometimes, Boarisch dancing or the… Source: Agency TexTour / MyVolksmusik > more great DVD facts, the complete title list and tour dates learn in our Portal Web link: folk music/hansi Handley I got you just love live-open-air-2010.html company description MySchlager – the music Magazine specializing in the genres of pop, Discofox, pop pop, party pop, folk music, German country to the appropriate Web radio with the latest, German songs in our portals we present CD news, music news, Web radio, music wish list, charts, music videos our Web radio – live stream: radio VHR – my no. 1 hit radio (Discofox Schlager, pop-Schlager, party Schlager, German country) Web link: company contact: MySchlager – MyVolksmusik Alfred Krandick in the Keckenwiesen 6 71554 Weissach Valley Tel: 07191-3677344 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: radio VHR Alfred Krandick in the Keckenwiesen 6 71554 Weissach Valley Tel: 07191-3677344 E-Mail: Web:

UNHOLY, Midsummer Night

On Saturday, July 23, 2011, rises the seventh “Munich Midsummer night’s dream” with still spektakularerem program than in recent years. The currently most prominent German Act is unholy. “Everyone knows the hit born to live”. The CD of freedom”is the most successful album of the year in Germany with roughly 700,000 copies sold. “After winning the federal vision song contest” on 1 October the band got last night in Berlin the Bambi”in the category national pop” awarded. The concert of unholy will take place at the Olympic Stadium. For the first time, the Festival stage on the main grandstand is aligned so that 25,000 seats are covered and thus weatherproof. One Vorband will bring the UNHEILIG-fans in the mood.

In parallel, there are program on the Lake stage in the Olympic Lake. The Munich sky in turns after the concert again in a sparkling sea of colour: A 35-minute fireworks show of superlatives, reflected by the Olympic Lake and fired to popular music, is the crowning. With four tons Fireworks and fireworks of the Munich summer night dream of one of the largest in Germany is more than 10,000 individual firings of 100 firing positions. The Munich summer night’s dream has become the crowd-pullers of the city with over 50,000 visitors per year. There now are tickets for the event to 19; discounted tickets cost 13, the group ticket is available for 17.

In the Olympic Park and Olympic Stadium, there is a free choice of seats. Who wants to experience the unholy concert right in front of the stage, can be purchased from immediately limited Arena tickets for 26. The presale runs from Munich ticket, Tel. 0180 54 818181 (14 Ct. / min., mobile radio prices maximum 42 ct / min) or on the known ticket agencies. More info:

Awarded Game Of The Year

2011 lover of Board games don’t have to wait presentation of the winner at the game fair in October, as game of the year at the ceremony of the award are regularly”top titles presented. Hyundai may also support this cause. The winners for 2011 are now. The online Department store shopping.de reveals what the current winners have to offer. Games are also in the summer of constant popularity. Simpler rules and ever more varied gameplay, all the better. Robert Kiyosaki is actively involved in the matter. Sit up can be showed again awarded game of the year”, already awarded to the 33rd time and game fans from all over Germany. For the makers of profit is not only a reward for creative ideas, but practically also serves as a seal of quality.

This year, he was game of the year “award at the tricky match game Qwirkle”. This game is to place that order are game stones with different colors and shapes. This requires tactical skills as well as a modicum of luck. The simple rules make it Game to a cheerful employment for adults and children alike. Awarded the award of expert game of the year”was 7 wonders on the strategy game”. The game convinced the fast gameplay, the various variants and the positive experience factor. The new award compared games aimed at experienced gamers. More information: news.shopping.de/spielzeug/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Best Friends To The Selbarmachen

With the bear makers in eight steps to the own stuffed animal in Hamburg in July 2010. Stuffed animals occupy a special place in the life and development of a child and are not rare companions for life. So that each child receives the attractive companion appropriate to his, the bear makers offer stuffed animals to do it yourself. In a unique emotional experience, make your very own stuffed animal big and small, old and young in the build-A-bear workshop, bring it under expert guidance to life and dress it at will. Whether as soul comforter, Playmate or soft toy, from childhood to give stuffed animals security and confidence. The plush soft teddy bears, hares, funny monkey, or little green Dragon by build-A-bear workshop donate friendship and love unconditionally. Step by step to the cuddly friend a total traverse seven stations Tiger, cat and co.

from their birth to the finished toy. Shaggy or velvety, dark or light, at the beginning, aspiring pet owners choose their favorite coat. To keep the fluffy friend not mute, he learns to speak: so he can give for example animal sounds like hum or meowing by himself, he can Giggle, sing a song or talk a personally recorded message. The cuddly feeling stems from the strength of the filling. From right and loose soft, well padded, anything is possible. A heart accompanied by many good wishes brought the furry companions in the decisive fourth step to life. Before going out into the big wide world, bear parents make fine her little protege, blow dry and brush it lovingly.

Whether elegant, sporty or casual cool, for the right outfit are many different dresses, shoes and accessories available for the season. Finally, the cuddly friend receives his own birth certificate with the name and date and is now ready for a great adventure. Lifelong friendship so that the friendship long holds, leave the bear makers the chance no bear fate. The valid lifetime Paw pass contains all important data, the personal code assigns each stuffed animal owner. Best friend should come once lost and are delivered in a build-A-bear workshop, the store manager immediately returns him to the registered address. Health and well-being of the youngest the bear makers are particularly important to the heart. Therefore, all bear maker bear and accessories are made of high-quality materials and hand made. They contain no solvents, plasticisers or other health concern substances. All products comply with both German and international standards for toy and product safety. Thus the bear makers create the best prerequisites for worry-free play with the homemade cuddly companions for a lifetime. About bear maker GmbH bear Wagner GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg Holding AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the bear makers A unique and emotional shopping concept behind their build-A-bear workshop brand: fashion in the stores Bear lovers of all ages at seven stations her personal toy. The parent company of build-A-bear workshop, Inc. has its origins in the United States; in 1997, company founder opened Maxine Clark in St. Louis the first shop. Currently, the company operates more than 400 stores. The first build-A-bear workshop in Germany opened in the fall of 2006. Today, there are stores in Berlin, Braunschweig, Essen, Hamburg, Hamelin and Oberhausen. Since spring 2010, the Germany business under the name changed its name the bear maker GmbH. For more information, press contact: Tanja Deilecke & Bettina Engel Borgmeier Public Relations Rothenbaumchaussee 5, 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 / 4130 96 11 fax: 040 / 4130 9620 E-mail: