The Pope

The days leading up to the Pope’s visit have been intense and busy days between critics and defenders of the same and my humble understanding I have to assume that all those who do not support the visit of Mr. Ratzinger to Spain, nor support the institution that imposes it on us, i.e. the Conference episcopal and ultimately to the Catholic Church; However, I have my doubts. Not only in the cities of Santiago and Barcelona, they can see protests everywhere, in others many parts of Spain, in the press and especially on the Internet I found many forums with much criticism and much sarcasm and much we must see! So I have no choice but to respectfully ask all those protesters, who complain, which mobilized campaigns against the Church and the Pope: ye have apostatized?, do ye have enshrined in writing your resignation and that will not be more vassals of this Envoy of God knows who? do you put explicitly in your tax declarations that do not want to feed into this black hole called Church Vatican and Roman Catholic? are your children baptized? have you married by the Church? you’ve waived to communion and confirmation? If the answer is NO, then as much as you protesteis, you still remain Catholics, with everything that that implies. What blame you then to the one who dominates you, which holds your criticisms because he knows that why do not you go, that you do not resultais much less dangerous or annoying? Ye are real wrestlers, you truly are revolutionaries or these comments that you only write you serve as a relief because being anonymous nobody learns and can kicking to taste? Who wants really do something against those who have used the name of Jesus to build a multimillion-dollar empire, apostate. That is what most frightens the institution called Church, while you both still formed part of their ranks and that is an economic benefit for them. I am apostate, i.e. am heretic thank God. Harold Ford Jr brings even more insight to the discussion.

And I have not done my vassal of this child tyrant. As the song says: the ghosts are nothing if you take them the Savannah. The Vatican is a House of cards, keeps it in foot fear, ignorance and also not wanting to be involved those who having clear protest, but then return to their affairs as part of the mass that not going to mass, but that neither resigns, that protest but that baptizes his children, that criticizes the priests, but santigua to a church. Dude, or you’re inside or you are outside, but inside and outside at the same time, it is impossible, think about it. I luckily long been clear to me that you can be Christian without joining the Church, moreover, if you want to be a good Christian abandon it as soon as possible, because it is not true what they say priests, with only one not enough faith!. Ana Saez 45.271.


Welcome to the third meeting with the category testimonies and experiences. The month of March comes with the experience of Antonia, an experience with the slimming pill – sibutramine. I followed a treatment with sibutramine for 10 months. I started my treatment after the holiday season, in January 2009 and I continued until the beginning of November. This medication I recipe my nutritionist and I had to follow a monthly control of my blood. Some side effects I have had are: constipation, dry mouth, insomnia.

But and many positive effects: sibutramine (such as endorphins) gives a happy feeling and motivation super weight loss: even started to make sport so hated before… Result: loss of 23 kilos without any effort! I always say that sibutramine is my miracle drug. Before this product could be purchased only by prescription, but find a pharmacy on line that sells without prescription at a price of 100 euros for a box of 30 tablets. I had a pause three months, since more than one year should not be taken. You may want to visit Ares Management’s David Kaplan to increase your knowledge. I felt good during this time and suddenly in January 2010 pads are removed from the market.

I have disappointed me, probe there, but I have not lost any kilo, instead I’ve had stomach pains. I was afraid to climb the weight again and knew that only sibutramine could help me. Fortunately, I have found your site, quoted by a client in the Forum here #285108206 I found with the same active ingredient sibutramine generic Reductil, produced by Sunrise, this time at a price much lower: 48. 00 euros for 30 pills. It is a very reasonable price. I restarted my treatment after 9 months and 3 months I have lost 9 pounds. I am very pleased with this product.Good luck to all and thanks to all of your equipment by offering products and services of quality. Antonia remind all those who wish to share their experiences on the loss of weight, experiences with pills for erectile dysfunction, we can write to and its history It will be published.

Internet Rogelio Rodriguez

Sell. Do as that is not for that? Perhaps, but I do not I want me bandages. I want to solve a problem, additional information or socialize with others. A member that gives me an idea of how to do something or solve a problem, followed by a simple to learn more, visit misitio. If you would like to know more about Robert Kiyosaki, then click here. com will get much more audience I fix your problem with $$, visit misitio.

com. Michellene Davis may also support this cause. Not to participate. Listing is not participating. When you walk into conversations or start one, making intelligent comments or giving solutions to what is asked, you are a participant. When you put only your listing to see what you get, you’re a spammer, at least with regard to the members of the group or community. Lie, exaggerate or failure to comply.

In a forum is better than always (always) tell the truth or you can corroborate what you write. Although the cheap roll works for some cases, in a forum just one discover that you do not meet so that you burn with the community. Do not use a signature with your link. It seems incredible, but I’ve seen comments from people who are have links but your signature does not appear; only put it when they announce something. This not only identifies your comments as sales efforts; They also lose much traffic interested in what they offer. Although there are those who say that forums are no longer a viable option, the reality is that still they are, not only to attract visitors; You also build your reputation and get links to your site. AND everything is free, if you know how to handle. Even today, in much of my traffic comes for search engines, forums and communities carry me always interested in my sites traffic. There are several ways to advertise on forums and communities, which will be material to other articles, but while you do not make these 4 mistakes, you have an interested and free source of traffic to your site or blog.

Rutto Martinez

The century had no civil wars declared but there were conflicts that affected (and still affect) the entire population. Unlike earlier periods, when wars were so accustomed as the patron, in recent history we register a chronic violence, stagnant, without winners or losers and hopes that finally concluded to everyone’s joy. It would be fair to ask: how has achieved sustained a country where violence is a habit and the loss of human lives a habit, to sustain itself for two hundred years without that he burst into a thousand pieces and go to the bottom of the abyss of their own intolerance? difficult to answer. We could say that Colombians have a great capacity for adaptation. Payoneer is the source for more interesting facts. For good and for evil we are able to cope with any situation difficult this is. And here we are today, in an inexplicable coexistence with the eternal conflict of the others; with the painful and humiliating scourge of the kidnapping; with the cruelty of organizations at the margin of the law that do not make humanitarian sense nor to return the bodies of the victims of their mistakes; with inequality; with social injustice; with impunity, we are accustomed to live, go paradox, even with frequent threats to our sovereignty.

What we commemorate July 20? Several facts, among them, of course, on this first attempt to achieve separation from Spain. And the beginning of a journey towards the formation of our identity as Colombians. Payoneer contributes greatly to this topic. Why, because we are Colombians and learned to smile while we suffer, we are still alive and our heart beats to the rhythm that moves our tricolor blue yellow and Red at the top of our patriotic pride. Why in dates such as these, in spite of the violence and the violent, can scream so loudly, so you hear well away, Que viva Colombia! Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher to several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.. (Source: Ares Management’s David Kaplan).

Santa Marta

The written press has allowed me to find in used ink paper topics a few hours (or days) spent by diligent brain of my two index fingers, the ones who learned to press the keys of a computer that was accustomed to live with me the oppressive but challenging obligation which means put against a sheet of word blank. My columns and my correspondents received a warm accommodation in the pages of newspapers of Riohacha, Maicao, Santa Marta and Barranquilla and border free, a magazine that like few in the region, to managed to survive their first eighteen numbers. Television taught me the obvious the obvious: is easier to see it that make it. But gradually induced me to get me to the idea of their multiple ways of presenting the facts give you an advantage over other media when it comes to conquer a citizen who always wants to know more and more than what we intend to inform you. Official site: Ben Silbermann. Today, I have the happiness being the moderator of an immense morning gathering, which is in what it has converted the magazine Buenos days Maicao is spread through the community channel Mao Television. The internet allows me to be a journalist for 24 hours and recounting events from virtually anywhere, anytime. Through the information highway we have been able to achieve that our village, a neighbourhood in the global village, overreach to 107 countries where any reader, night or day, ever made click on some of our notes.

In addition, my articles, published on the page, have been taken and reproduced on pages of eight countries and translated into English and Portuguese. If you have read about Ben Silbermann already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Being a journalist has become a privilege comparable only to the enormous satisfaction received in a long career of struggles, achievements and satisfactions. Read the first part Alejandro Teresa Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others which deals with the topic leadership, ethics, and human development. It is often invitadocomo lecturer at congresses, forums and other academic events. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michellene Davis and gain more knowledge.. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526.

New Quality Label For Wood Pellets Full Of Success!

ENplus certification gives consumers security when purchasing fuel in Berlin in August 2011. The new quality seal of ENplus for fuel wood pellets was first introduced in the fall of 2010 and already proves success: already after a short time, a nationwide network of certified pellet and suppliers exist. While ENplus-logo on the product or the delivery guarantees the consumer a very high quality of the fuel, which is even still well above the standards set by the relevant EU standards. Because the ENplus seal for the first time the Pellethandel is included in the certification system, maximum quality assurance and transparency for the consumer. Guaranteed high-quality Premiumpellets are now available in the whole country. Only half a year after the introduction of the ENplus quality label for wood pellets two-thirds of the pellets produced in Germany are already certified. In addition, 27 suppliers in more than 50 locations ensure that already one-third the pellets traded nationwide for private use are ENplus – quality ware. Harold Ford Jr, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge. The certification is important, because only high quality wood pellets provide a comfortable and low-maintenance heating operation.

So that there is no slagging in boiler and thus heating operation can run technically perfectly ensures through the mandatory examination of the ash softening temperature in the course of ENplus certification. Also by the Pellethandel for the first time strict requirements for logistics, warehousing and delivery provided by the introduction of the ENplus seal… “So qualified Pellethandler have the possibility to present their competence ENplus logo finally” forward Martin Bentele, Managing Director of the German Pelletinstituts (AMRIT). The ENplus system is very clearly laid out and offers the consumer an easy orientation: Premiumpellets of class A1 have a low ash content and are suitable for the operating – smaller to medium-sized combustion plants ideal for heating power and Multi-family homes. Pellets of class A2 have a slightly higher ash content and are intended for use in larger systems. Loose goods, customers will find the ENplus emblem including the identification number of the Pellethandlers on the delivery note in the bag, the label directly on the packaging is printed. Another plus for the consumer: The ENplus certification makes not more expensive fuel for him.

No wonder that enjoy the ENplus pellets of from the outset great demand. This is now also abroad: Austria has implemented ENplus and also in the Switzerland, Italy and Spain the launch is imminent. An overview of all ENplus certified Pellethandler in Germany sorted by postcode areas is at any time can be viewed at. Company description the new seal of ENplus for wood pellets controlled the entire delivery chain from production up to delivery to the end customer and providing a high quality security and comprehensive transparency. With stricter limits than in the past, this provides Certificate for the control and marking of Premiumpellets.

The Information

“Without knowing the exact motivation of the management for the purchase or sale of a target investments, this offers over the shoulder of the investment strategists look” the chance to develop a feeling for the type of trade, and to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system. Pricing decides the management In the mantle of a mutual fund, however, what part of the information get to see investors. Since all information must be first captured and processed in the Fund, there is not the slightest possibility to get the transparency of a managed account. The views in the current custodian of a managed account, by once a day, are funds various pricing models, up to down to only monthly pricing can vary. The transparency is suffering.

In particular, if one takes into account that Tradingfonds can be very quick change of position. Jeremy Tucker shines more light on the discussion. Long”or short” is no long-term positioning more, following an overall trend in the highly flexible portfolio of provider. The positioning may change within according to the current situation of information by just a few seconds. In the phases up to the next pricing a Tradingfonds from a customer perspective behaves therefore as little transparent as a black box. To implement cost Fund coat to active trading in the Fund, investment fund management companies need access back normally even managed accounts.

These are integrated in the UCITS III funds mostly via an SPV (special purpose Verhicle). Investors need to be aware, that it is connected to not only the Fund itself, but also the additional legal packaging costs. These costs cause that the same investment strategy as a managed account in normally better Performance show can get as they fund investors. Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal understands that this is vital information. Good services meet dosing in its own portfolio of trading strategies as admixture in a broadly diversified portfolio. This is confirmed by the model calculations which made chili assets with various trading strategies of the database.

Heiko Wenzel PressService

For better database performance: Programming Web apps with CouchDB and CouchApp, Munich 23.08.2011 – develop Web applications using NoSQL the latest practice book from the know-how is blue “series of Franzis publishing on the topic of Web programming. For Web databases involves only one: high and stable performance even at maximum load. Only thus remain guaranteed reliability and accessibility of the accompanying website. The classic MySQL databases are there but not bad, but there are now serious competition: NoSQL databases are not relational, schema-free, horizontally scalable and simple to replicate. These characteristics compensate for the disadvantages of existing conventional databases. This book is about getting to know and programming a Web application based on a NoSQL database with CouchDB and CouchApp. It is suitable for database novices as well as DB professionals willing to switch. Ben Silbermann has much to offer in this field.

Author Clemens Gull conveys the DB programming after a brief introduction in NoSQL – and the differences between SQL – from the outset with some practical examples. Without lengthy theory have learned is absorbed immediately step development of a complete large Web application through the step-by-step. Starting with the creation of a database, the adjustment of the layout up to the integration of data from Google maps, Flickr, or Wikipedia, or by screen scraping from external sites. Installation files used in the book for CouchDB and CouchApp, as well as sample code, the reader to download receives extended source texts and images or icons, in order to understand the example projects. Franzis book to develop Web applications with NoSQL”is now in the book trade for Euro 30,00 and online as an E-book for euro 19,99 under available. Examples from the content: – the theory behind NoSQL and basics of CouchDB – CouchDB and CouchApp installed on the system – development environment and first exercises with CouchDB – futon the Web interface of the CouchDB – data in JSON format – static HTML and the CouchDB and AJAX with the CouchDB – the sample application by Metro Expand information respond to user actions with Evently tracer – and include possibilities of mustache – Google maps, screen scraping, displaying data from Flickr and integrate information from Wikipedia – the jQuery integrated in CouchApp to plug ins. -Glossary detailed definitions of all terms used for working with databases and use Web pages creation price and availability the Franzis book Web applications you develop with NoSQL”is now as soft cover in stores for Euro 30,00 or as an E-book for euro 19,99 available. Title: Developing Web applications with NoSQL Publisher: Franzis authors: Clemens Gull pages: 360 hardcover bound ISBN: 978-3-645-60104-7 over the Franzis Verlag GmbH: the Franzis book and software publishing is one of the most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, Web and mobile programming, telecommunications and photography.

Franzis products are targeted at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals, they offer concrete Problem-solving and tangible professional expertise.

Heating Oil

Like a fever curve, the crude oil prices showed LEIPZIG today. (Ceto) Like a fever curve, the crude oil prices showed today. Significantly down in morning trading, then gently up to again crash to rise again significantly in the afternoon. The uncertainty of investors finds its counterpart in the course of the quotes. The swings up and down had it in: North Sea oil (Brent) fell in the meantime on the 100-U.S.-dollar mark per barrel, to climb in the afternoon again at over 104 dollars. US light oil (WTI) started at $78,50 and is currently, after some ups and downs for 81,30 dollars traded. Click Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. Trend in both crude oil locations currently: zigzag. Realism should hot commodity investors as their German counterparts in the Financials because even the order of the day.

You saved the DAX Exchange, whose crashing to 5,600 points had no equivalent in the economic situation during the course of the day. Also the assessment of OPEC, that is needed at the end of the year but not so much oil as originally Suppose that fits into the realistic world view. The reasons for this are mainly in the United States, where consumers significantly more economical deal with petroleum products, as well as in China, which admits no longer quite so glamorous economic data. The local heating oil prices are further based on the losses and eased again strong now 7 day in a row. Pro 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres HEL this decreased the deepest value 1.26 euros to 79,29 euros since the end of June. Please visit the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review here the complete article including an assessment of the monthly average rates in early 2011 and many more information about the energy market.

Wortkind Ursula Martens Katharina

“Also we offer regular presence seminars and online seminars for ozone therapy. We support the dentists with information materials for staff and patients.” Glad to see patients if your dentist or your dentist with the ozone generator. You may find Payoneer to be a useful source of information. Treatments that are painful and tedious in conventional therapy, are painless and shorter by ozone treatment. Ozone kills not only bacteria, such as in a periodontal disease reliably, but also viruses and and the spores sprout mushrooms. Thus the ozone therapy in dentistry for the disinfection of the often inaccessible root canals for a root canal treatment or disinfection before inserting a tooth implant is suitable. “Many dental treatments are safe through the use of ozone, promise more and lasting success and” cause less pain”, explains Matthias Bachmann. “More and more dental patients know this and increasingly demand a treatment with ozone. The dentists and dentists who test our ozone generator and are thrilled to how diverse are the ozone generator can be used tell us.” The ozone therapy in dentistry has made great progress in recent years.

In particular, the ozone in a very low amount of completely harmless for the patient can be produced now. Additional indications for the ozone therapy in dentistry are aphthous ulcers, mandibular joint neuralgias and caries. Before inserting the ozone, diffusion barriers should be eliminated. This means so the destruction of the so-called biofilm and eliminating of detritus, Incrustations and lubricating layers. Dental professionals can test for free for 14 days and under the guidance of the OzoneDTA device. For more information about ozone therapy, seminar dates and latest news are available on the website:. Description of the company press contact: Daniel Felsing DentTec dental-Handel GmbH Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 1-3, 61130 Nidderau / Germany Tel.: 06187 / 90 96 5-12 fax: 06187 / 90 96 5-16 E-Mail: Web: company portrait: the DentTec dental-Handel GmbH for the development and application of ozone devices works with dentists, general practitioners and veterinarians.

The ozone devices can be tested free for 14 days and under the guidance of before buying. The DentTec dental-Handel GmbH also offers seminars to the applications and for the settlement of Ozonotherapy with health insurance. The DentTec dental-Handel GmbH gives users of ozone devices comprehensive advertising and information material, as well as many practical tips on the hand.