Paris Athens Rome

(Century) winter Germany cities highlights, which shorten the long winter has stuck in the handle and some of you remember the coming of spring in the middle of the snow chaos of certainly full of anticipation. Simply shorten the long German winter, and already book your trip in the spring. Many people want a bit of Sun and heat during the long, cold winter months. Krishnan Rajagopalan wanted to know more. Who wants to wait till spring, should consider a trip to the warm considering. Flights to Madrid, Rome and Athens are offered, to escape the winter for some time.

Also in Paris early mild temperatures are set and the French capital has to offer something, no matter what time of year for everyone. After long walks, for example the Louvre can be visited, which is considered one of the best art museums in the world. Get more background information with materials from Michael J. Lord. Who prefers further to the South, which can make holiday in Rome. Here tourists in the winter months need only a light jacket and confidently to the Coliseum or the Explore Roman Forum. An insider’s tip is Trastevere, where once lived the poor of Rome. Today artists have settled here and in the winding streets, visitors can leisurely shopping and look.

Another attractive tourist destination is the Spanish capital a paradise for those who love to shop. Who would like to learn more about the ancient world, should pay a visit to Athens with its temples and the famous Acropolis.