Patient Wristband Printer For Sterile Environments

Extensive tests have proved how effective the antibacterial case against growth and spread of bacteria and macro protects IDENT microbes – there are places where cleanliness and hygiene are very critical. Are prevalent to find these places in laboratories and health facilities. Is suitable the SATO printer of the CT4xxi series with its antibacterial coating is excellent for these areas. The SATO direct thermal and thermal transfer printers of models CT408i, CT412i and CT424i are characterized by an antibacterial housing off and the ability to print high-quality images. The models are available and for demanding use with 200 dpi, 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution.

The CT4xxi offer printers in addition to the high-quality print performance for use in departments, where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. These applications are mostly in hospitals for example to print patient wristbands. Extensive testing in the development of the CT4xxi models have demonstrated how effective the antibacterial Protects the body against growth and spread of bacteria and microbes. Special attention has paid the manufacturer on these printer models on the simple handling demanded by customers. Print media and transfer belts can therefore very easily download the CT4xxi series and even print head and pinch roller can be replaced by anyone with a simple handle and without any tools that saves time and costs for a service technician. For the identification of the patients in the hospital, the patient bracelets with a 2D code, facilitate or patient photo will be printed. Thus, patient safety can be improved and free hospital staff from time-consuming manual data entry and other thing work.

The hospital staff can have the automated processes relied upon: ranging from the entering of the correct content and the data check to the permanent real-time update. Built-in either USB and RS232C or USB and LAN interfaces make for easy integration into the existing IT environment. Optional interface cards for IEEE1284, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth extend the range.