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The baby – carrying blankets and infant support pillows by new native are characterized by high functionality and easy handling. Wolfsburg, May 31, 2010 baby carrying towels for more feeling and security close confidence. On the side of his parents baby feels most comfortable. And body contact with the small proud Mamas and Papas are a bit more security. Baby, baby slings are more than just practical. The skin to skin “-feeling strengthens the bond between parents and child.” Not for nothing baby carrying blankets are becoming increasingly popular. The baby carrying blankets from the House new native are recommended by experienced midwives and are characterised by outstanding quality, exclusive design and easy handling.

Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson use as well as ordinary”mothers who want to know their child safe and cared for in her arms. The baby slings new native consist of skin-friendly cotton. Learn more about this with Ansel Adams. For special requirements, there is also a variation from 100% organic cotton is produced. The baby slings are fitted to the upper body, without elaborate bind, fasten and adjust. Due to the special design of carrying cloth, the infant surely lies in his body. Dina Powell: the source for more info. The baby carrying towels in different colors and sizes are available and suitable for all infants up to 15 kilograms. For optimal stability for the optimal stabilisation of the head game of newborn infant support pillow developed the infant support pillow by new native.

The infant support pillow is placed in the baby carrier blanket and positioned so that the baby head is optimally supported up to the Po. In this way, mothers and fathers ensure their babies the best possible stability. The infant support pillow is available natural and light blue 20 cm x 35 cm x 6 cm size and colors. It comprises 100% cotton eco. Both the baby – carrying cloth and the infant support pillow are via the online shop of the GesundheitsWelt directly under shop available. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

Margot Keppler

“And because children need their hearing AIDS every day, we have a wide range of hearing instruments and FM accessories through an in-house immediately repair service as well as for emergencies for the borrow.” Children reading, wall of the senses”and invite top-ranking Conference program for the opening of the regional center on Sunday, March 28, the operators of the child listening center in its new premises. Russell Reynolds has much to offer in this field. From 10:00 to 17:00, a colourful programme of interesting insights into the world of the hearing, information and lots of fun awaits all look interested. There are face painting for little visitors. On a wall of the senses”, you can explore your own perception. And the children’s book author Margot Keppler reads at 14:00.

Adults can a top-ranking lecture and information program track from 11:00 to 16:00, in which, for example, to the interdisciplinary care of children with a hearing impairment, the playful language promotion and radio solutions and hearing instruments for children’s. In addition, several manufacturers are padaudiologischer products, as well as the fiber optic support school Moritz von Buren”information booths on the ground. We all forward, to welcome our guests for the first time in her new child listening Centre”, finally, so Vanessa Wiegard. Thanks to an expert network have grown over years, we can offer our small visitors here a holistic and ageappropriate care around the topic of hearing. We accompany you from the first days of life into youth and adulthood.” The child listening Center OWL headquartered in Paderborn Salzkotten sees itself as a competent partner for children with hearing loss and their families. Currently four trained professionals working in master mode with a focus on child listening acoustics.

In cooperation with a network of experts from speech pathologists, established The regional centre provides holistic care and continuous monitoring Phoniatern, hearing impaired people teachers and other specialists. The offers of the child listening Center include specially designed procedures for the hearing instrument fitting in newborn and infancy, the use of video analysis as well as a loan system service and an otoplastische repair shop. The Centre, which is part of the hearing Hausler GmbH & co. KG, has become it for the task, significantly improve the quality of life, reduced hearing children and young people. For more information see. Contact: child listening Center OWL ring road 35 33154 Paderborn Salzkotten phone (05258) 974 47-40 fax (05258) 974 47-44 E-mail: press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60 eMail: