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OrgControl amusement Ltd Germany offers in future interactive game solutions for children in real wood casings. The new Benchtop magic portable is equipped like all children terminals OrgControl with fun and educational games for children from 3 years and a children’s cinema function. Wells Fargo Bank will not settle for partial explanations. The magic can be portable because of its design flexibility in installation places and integrate children’s play corner, where a colorful and great gaming device has been difficult or impossible. The real wood enclosure in the wood of birch, mahogany and Walnut is suitable for integration into banks and offices as well as in hotels and restaurants. That magic portable attracts the attention of your little visitors certainly, creates a calm and relaxing time and relieved parents. Their customers and patients can take more time in longer waiting periods or greater charges, while the children are meaningfully engaged. The extensive collection of game is suitable for children of all ages and is non-violent and therapeutic examined. The multilingual, multimedia system has currently over 24 games from the areas of creativity, reaction and logical thinking, and is currently available in 24 languages. In addition to the gaming experience, encourage and support the games visual perception, memory, attention and concentration at the same time. The magic portable flexible game solution in sophisticated design.

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The wood factory Aldecor boasts a new motive for his exquisite wood albums. Due to popular demand, there is now the new series for the baby. The wood factory Aldecor boasts a new motive for his exquisite wood albums. Due to popular demand, there is now the new series for the baby. In usual good craft art company the internationally active Lotex demonstrating his creativity on fancy woodwork, companies. Since 2003 by Aldecor photo albums made of special Woods designed and manufactured. Suitable to the extravagant photo books, there are high-quality caskets out of the same wood the perfect addition.

Now available the unique pieces for birth or christening with an appealing baby motif available. Anyone looking for a unique gift for freshly baked parents, is with the wood top on the safe side. A photo album with lasting value and a layout that his same looks. Each book is an individual work of art, because the natural material wood always a little varies and wood albums only specially manufactured from receipt of order for the respective customers. Accordingly, a real unique can be acquired and presented.

The appearance is determined by the selected Scandinavian beech. A treatment with Liberon gives the ancient and very noble effect in the connection. Each hinge is a hand-forged single piece and also receives a manual treatment to be antique. The hinges are attached with copper rivets. Even the ageing typical for woodworm is thought of and thus arising wood albums that appear unique and above all very noble. Aldecor wood albums not only rustic work, they are there. So they can survive the years and represent a lasting memory on a special date or a special event. The luxury of a unique manufacturing from a wonderful wood corresponds to the timeless design, which was chosen deliberately nostalgic. Such unique is available as a photo album or guest book. The Interior of the wood albums is as exclusive and consists of stable black cardboard pages, which are separated by white tissue paper. There are also corresponding gel pens that allow an appealing label of the pages by this provider. The Aldecor wood Manufactory is also known in addition to wood albums for the production of menu cards, watches and furniture. The handicraft focus in the foreground stands in all articles. Quality and uniqueness of the products explain the popularity of the constantly growing product range. Aldecor distinguishes itself clearly from Loveless Massenherstellungen or any low-cost productions. The high standards of the company and the production of real quality work, guarantee the customer a unique copy of permanently lasting value principle. It is to note that all wood albums are protected by patents and success at a factory mixture depends on which the exotic woods for 6 weeks will be treated. Just so you get the unparalleled robustness that they last for decades can and only with absolute brute force damage. The wood used must have been by the way at least 5 years air dried and exhibit uniform fibers.