Brazilian Cultural Profile

The Brazilian cultural profile can be considered as one of the richest and fantastic of the world, which had its multipicidade. One becomes basic to invest uninterruptedly in the rescue of our traditions, a time that represent the force and the personality of our people. The maintenance of the hstria and the local culture basically depends on the responsible junction between the modernity and the cultural preservation of the habits and patrimonies. Each community represents the consequence of its histories, its conflicts, its knowledge, its dreams and desires. Valley to point out, that the tourism promotes a deep interchange of experiences between visitors and receiving community. This establishes the insertion of new values that finish for being added to the daily one of the local population. It is effective that great transformations alone happen with the mobilization of the society, since this, over all in the last times, passed if to acquire knowledge of its paper as citizens and agents tranformao right-handers.

This same society reinvidica the eradication of the preconception whichever its source, as well as ethical and ecologically sustainable actions. It is evident that the past brings obtains memories of irreplaceable character, increased of profusion of feelings. This in grants the privilege to them to take knowledge of histories and narratives, that for innumerable reasons in them previously had been omitadas. The support cannot be under no comparative hypothesis to the abstracismo, taking itself in consideration that it is the only undisputed form to guarantee that the next generations also can contemplate these same cultural wealth, as well as the current generations. We speak in sustainable development in a world that always walked in way to the wild and desmedida insustentabilidade. Boarded questions before little and hardly deepened, today are resposnsveis for debates of great projection, observing that on questions to the support are of interest of the collective. Support is continuity guarantee.

It is not utopia, is undisputed reality. The times had moved, implying in change of habits and conscience. That is fact. Let us be realistic: he is imperious to deal in more pragmatic way with the existing disparidades. Reprojetar aspects until then little valued, giving to bigger emphasis and visibility. Minimizao of the artificialidade in the processes, so that if it can make use of the cultural patrimony in constructive and sustainable way.