Directory Media Award 2009:

Lubeck telephone book wins coveted VerzeichnismedienPreis of the VDAV In the context of vdav – DirectoryNight 2009 on June 25 at Meilenwerk Dusseldorf the winner of the German VerzeichnismedienPreise 2009 honored. Dasortliche telephone book Lubeck (Joint editor, DeTeMedien and Verlag Schmidt-Romhild) received the Bronze Award in the print area due to its additional information about the city, its culture and its service providers, as well as its attractive presentation and new forms of advertising. “” Dasortliche telephone book for Lubeck and environment 2009/2010 a variety of new features has: lawyers on legal topics, PR posts in the field of law, pharmacies on duty calendar, medical and health directory, editorial photo inserts, keyword and register of trade marks, Internet industry leaders, report pages “these and many more content such as information on free call” in the Internet, as well as videos on the Internet make Dasortliche telephone book Lubeck and surroundings to an innovative and novel product, that further expands its competitive advantage. The jury members, who believe that Dasortliche telephone book as much offers for Lubeck, share this position that deserve a VerzeichnismedienPreis in bronze. The German VerzeichnismedienPreis was awarded for the eighth time by the VDAV (Association of German information and directory media). He awarded excellence in the field of directory media in Germany.

Winners are determined by a six-member jury, which consists of independent experts in the field of communication and multimedia. About the VDAV: The VDAV is the independent trade association and the advocacy of the Germany-based company, whose products and services based on the publication of communications addresses or similarly structured information. Today, about 170 are mostly in the VDAV open for all market participants organized medium-sized media companies that publish more than 2,000 different products in all media forms – in printed form, on CD-ROM, as Internet database or voice information. With this information and communications offerings, which often are financed through the sale of advertising, the Member companies of the VDAV in the German media’s ZAW statistics take the sixth place, even before the radio and the journals.