Schubert Management Consultants

Strong start by consulting expertise and industry knowledge Cologne, 6 September 2011 Schubert management consultants GmbH & co. KG celebrates these days their one-year anniversary. It was founded by the present Managing Director Petra Schubert former partner and member of the Executive Board at Kienbaum. Stefan Heuer entered in March 2011 as a solid partner in the company. Due to their years of experience, two consultants could realize ambitious customer projects in the past few months and thus provide a first successful year. Mainly in the health economy threatened by the shortage, the demand for their services and concepts is great. Respond to the current challenges of the market with much dedication and initiative which have Schubert management consultants and already in the first year, two initiatives for the health economy in life called. A the CEO circle of German hospitals”, the respective managing directors as the platform to the Experience exchange serves and supports solutions for current challenges.

On the other hand the Initiativkreis new staff working in hospitals ‘ short InPK founded. The participating hiring managers are in the foreground of cooperation include strategic human resource management, proactive human resources and employee loyalty concepts. We are pleased that we are approaching the current critical issues with these two initiatives”, says Petra Schubert. On the topics of employment branding and employee retention, there is much need for advice, she adds. The study of employer attractiveness of German hospitals comes to this conclusion”performed the Schubert management consultants and matched against a further own trend survey of prospective PJlern. The study results provide thus starting points and findings for the two initiative circles, as well as for the existing and future customer projects in the Cologne consultant.