Social Networks

It is very likely that the reader has heard of social networking before reading this article, moreover, is very likely already is making use of them, even the children use them. Without however, beyond having heard talk about them and be using, it is important to know what they really mean and what can be used more profitably. As you can see I have written helpful quotes (), because for the purposes of this article I am referencing that term from the point of view of the business; This, however, does not mean that what all people; children, women, men, young people and adults are doing is not profitable for each of them. This clarification has accommodated in something that I roundly rejected. Refers to a video in which an expert said that social networks are not to make or write the crap they write teenagers as I’m brushing me teeth, etc. You may find Wells Fargo Bank to be a useful source of information.

(sic). Absolutely disagree with the statement of the expert. What teenagers, our sons and daughters to write about their tastes, their activities, their experiences are not crap. Maybe write some treaty on this topic in the future, for now only I’ve wanted to do the clarification because I consider that the expert has been disrespectful with teenagers in the video. Despite assume and assert that virtually the majority of people have some knowledge about social networks, we recapitularemos this article about some basic concepts related to them.

A site of social network, or a social network, as usually refer to this type of site is, basically, a place on the internet where people come together to share experiences, experiences, knowledge, videos, photos, anecdotes, etc. In fact, and I keep saying it, that they were born, to socialize. However, why not, it is forbidden to carry out other activities, as we shall see in this and other treaties.