Commission Those

I confess that it is the first time that I see to apply the theory of relativity to a purely mathematical concept in accounting. Common sense tells me, that it is morally acceptable to receive a bonus, remuneration or Commission, when one is responsible for positive economic results, saying earnings. But, receive an award when the result is negative, what is known as loss, truly not me close. The only logical explanation I can understand, is that the executives who run the multinational insurer AIG, considered to the rescue arranged by the American administration, which has issued billions of dollars from taxpayers, as a successful operation that amounted to having, since they do not have the intention of restoring it. But it seems that something is wrong: people realized is unworthy, and I izo audience, and to happen, politicians do not stay them another remedy which also shocked. That happened then?: started the play tragicomic call repentance. Representatives of the people put on the t-shirt of the people’s representatives.

President Obama also unworthy publicly but, as it is very newly in Office and no history, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and believe in his sincerity. Corrupt managers through its President, who had to go to the front and put the face to receive slapping, more sound than painful, she played the role of repentant and, in an act of global caradurez, proposed to return only fifty percent of the stolen (?). So far the facts that will have a reading, as with eyes so they look at them. they read mine? I presume that this case be met because I izo audience, but it should not be the only that happened now and before. The world is waiting for a new trial in Nuremberg since this crisis that is causing so many innocent victims have their guilty in activity or recently retired.

To find those involved, you have to investigate the proceedings by key sectors of the private sphere and also of the public, by his suspected concealment or culpable negligence. That what happened is proof more that the freedom given to them to markets, cannot nor should be extended as if it were a blank cheque. That must clearly delimiting the boundaries and thus channelling the capitalist system in ways that are useful to society and not just to minorities that because you are allowed to speculate large-scale destabilizing to the markets. The above is the minimum basis which will be used to start the reconstruction of the capitalist system, today severely questioned by show weaknesses, that directly affect those who should be its beneficiaries, the common people.