The Tarot has many uses, although the best known is the divination. I like to think of the Tarot as a multifunctional approach, with a variety of applications. In my opinion, the best use you can give the Tarot is evolving, and he will devote a whole section, but I understand that if there is something that from the beginning of its history has concerned human being is the future, and the Tarot is a unique tool, rather than find out, answer questions about that future. Consider the question posed in the title of this post: What can we do? Many people believe that the Tarot is a little short of mathematical science, which will predict with exact dates and names of all events that are going to happen in the short or long term. When we started studying the Tarot we strive to learn and accumulate lists and more lists of meanings, not content with which we have already learned, we collect more significantly, we search the Internet, in books, magazines, going to courses and all this Why? Just to go delaying the crucial moment, which is to get to work seriously with the Tarot. This is one of the great dangers for who starts, these tactics are designed to delay the time when you are working in earnest with the Tarot, to this we would not be that expectations are so high (and so wrong) that fears that are not covered is too large. It is therefore very important to understand that the Tarot can be expected. .