Where Advertising Meets Singles – Survey Of Bildkontakte.de Overview

Personals asked members to the media usage patterns of Leichlingen bildkontakte.de, August 5, 2008 – in online medico is surprisingly high in the course: the newspaper. But the Internet has overtaken long ago her. Also the television preferences of the singles are surprising. If you have read about Mike Bloomberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This has resulted in a recent survey among over one million members of the Personals bildkontakte.de. 69 percent of the singles regularly read a newspaper, of which 50.4 per cent a local newspaper.

The question is clearly answered after the major television networks: it is RTL. 74.3 percent of single women and 57.4 percent of single men turn here regularly. The other main stations are seven (in both sexes 66,6) and satellite Pro. 1 (women: 63,3, men: 53.6). ARD and ZDF are at 37.6 and 24.6 percent. Overall, 43.7 percent, however distributed on four media read a television newspaper. Front feature film with 16.3 per cent is TV movie with 17.6 percent, followed by TV.

How to learn singles, was in demand. So we can even better in our target group think in”, so Christian Kirschey, Managing Director of bildkontakte.de. The network usage is hardly surprising: 82.6 percent of single men and 76.9 percent of single women put their news from the Internet. 70.3 inform mainly on television (women: 79.1 per cent), 56.1 percent of men and 63.7 percent of the women listen to the radio. Female reading habits in women are these magazines front: 31.2 per cent of female singles girlfriend read Bild der Frau 22.9 percent, glamour reached 16.6 percent and the flagship Brigitte 13.7 percent. Worth knowing: Read about 7% of the female singles at men’s health, and Playboy. The single woman of less interested in gossip, interesting read quotas come only Gala (19.8 per cent) and in touch (16.3 percent). Where male singles get smart 82.5 percent of the men said not to be interested in celebrity magazines. Who want to achieve single men with magazines, turns his Display best in the FHM: 18.6 percent read them. Men’s health to reach 17.2 percent and with the Playboy at least 14.8 percent. 25 percent of all singles read any magazines. The complete evaluation of the survey with many other titles and media available press on. Around 10,000 men and women took part in the survey by bildkontakte.de. About bildkontakte.de Bildkontakte.de belongs to the top 5 of the German contact exchanges. Over 1,3 million singles have opted for the single market, every day around 2,000 new ones, up to 10,000 are online at the same time. Every single profile is illustrated; the services include a manual review of all profiles. All important functions of contact for women and men are permanently free of charge. Target marketing is possible in bildkontakte.de years according to individual criteria. Press contact: Bildkontakte.de Sylvia Ostmann Tel.: 02175/1698920

Regional Email Marketing

Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH, on Thursday, the 08.12.2011, explains how companies are successful. Involvement in regional email marketing is worthwhile especially for SMEs. Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH of Stuttgart, on Thursday, December 8th, 2011, explains how companies proceed successfully. There are several success criteria for the successful use of email newsletters. Very front with: target group-specific content. But what target group to reach exactly the newsletter? There is not a standard answer – it depends on the company and its stakeholders. For small and medium-sized enterprises, however, there is an exciting approach: regional audiences.

Regional email marketing, they reach potential customers in the immediate vicinity, particularly effectively and efficiently. But what is important to note it here? An important success factor in the regional email marketing, in addition to content with regional relevance, for example, is the choice of a sender address with recognizable regional reference. Advantage: more attention and involvement at the receiver and thus a higher open rate. Contains newsletter now activating elements, the goal of successful contact with the receiver is already as good as reached. Also on pages of the art there is to keep in mind some important topics.

So for example spam filters react already from 50 to 100 recipients of newsletters. So this is perceived so by the potential customers, there is no way to dispatch about a so-called “white-listed” Server passes. Only if the newsletter is not blocked, successful conversions can be achieved. Marmato CEO of Marc Culas 2011 presents many more details for the successful implementation of regional email marketing during his speech in the eCOMM event series. The venue is the education and technology center of the Handwerkskammer Berlin. There is more information about the event here:… Contact: marmato GmbH Denis Huckel Wilhelmstrasse 4 70182 Stuttgart 0711/248490-16 on marmato that marmato is GmbH one of the largest advertising agencies for email marketing in Germany. The spectrum ranges from the full-service modular solutions to its own campaign manager limelight. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The range of services ranges from search engine marketing and optimization about social media marketing up to online public relations. With, one of the largest press platforms of in Germany belongs to the marmato GmbH. The Agency headquartered in Stuttgart operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for numerous renowned companies in all industries.

A Hotel Photo Says More Than 1000 Words

Professional images help to more sales of current example: Comfort Hotel Munich-East Munich, may 28, 2008 – more photos, better photos, current photos: today, this rule of three is the formula for success for online sales in the hospitality industry. The customer chooses a hotel mainly due to the photos shown. He takes emotional buying decisions positively supported by current and beautiful pictures, says Nadja baths, Marketing Director of the choice Hotels International in Germany. As an example of the comfort Hotel Munchen OST (www.comfort-hotel-muenchen.de) it illustrates that the old wisdom says an image more than a thousand words to meaning nothing lost. The professional images from Hotel photographer Stefanie Friedrich have noticeably fast the room demand in the business hotel shortly after the release.

Just in the online sales, it is an art, to withdraw the own hotel from the crowd. Easily possible, direct comparison you must stand out from the competition, to be posted. This help good photos”, so baths. Just after renovations or extensions current photos of the hotel must be created to sell”. Even if you have some good photos of the hotel, these might be outdated and no longer reflect the reality”, warns baths. Also the number of photos of hotel has become important. “More photos than years ago can be published in the leading distribution platforms and the hotel website: as appetizer”, as the picture show or simply as an illustration to current arrangements. “The photo shoot in the comfort Hotel Munchen OST is a perfect example of how to successfully work in the opening phase, so that the photos of sample rooms and public areas of the hotel just in time for the soft opening templates”, reported Hotefotografin Stefanie Friedrich.

The budget for a hotel photo shoot starts at 1,000 euros. Eventually 30 to 50 motifs are picked from hundreds of photos, for five years fully used by the hotel. In addition, Stefanie offers Friedrich graphics partners the creation of hotel brochures to. Stefanie Friedrich is diploma photographer with his own Studio in Munich and specializes among others hotels and tourism. Its customers include medium-sized companies such as E.g. the Berghotel Zirm in Valdaora (South Tyrol) or choice Hotels Europe. As diploma marketing hostess offers in addition many years experience in marketing and sales projects. More information: for inquiries: Stefanie Friedrich Tel. + 49 (0) 89 44 21 88 99 mobile + 49 (0) 172 80 86 417 eMail keywords: Hotel, hotel industry, marketing, sales, PR, photo, brochure, website, advertising, photo design Friedrich, Stefanie Friedrich, Choice Hotels International, comfort Hotel Munchen OST press release and press photo download: docs.google.com/…