Comparison Portals

New study on comparison portals for insurance appeared for the conclusion of insurance policies is the Internet becoming increasingly important. About 85% of the participants in a survey carried out by ibi research information on the Internet about insurance products. More than half, a comparison portal attracts for the search. The current ibi study comparison portals for insurance comes to this conclusion”, collected in the requirements and expectations of customers comparison portals. The majority of survey participants in addition to the search on the Internet open faces also an online degree: 66% indicating that they would basically complete on the Internet. Leading the automotive products, personal liability and household insurance. The advantage of the comparison portals is for the respondents mainly in the possibility for your own information, as well as in time and location independence.

Around 40% of those interviewed see the most important reason for concluding comparison portals in the low price. Also the Transparency of tariff services represents an advantage for 42%. The transparency of prices, as well as the option to immediately conclude see nearly two-thirds as the reason for the use of the portals. Disadvantages are for almost three quarters of the respondents in the inadequate consultation and in the absence of a contact person on the spot. Furthermore, the participants of the trustworthiness of the comparison portals doubts over half. Just as many are not sure of the legal situation in case of damage and wishing at this time such as the support of experts. The Internet plays a crucial role in the purchase decision making process of the customer.

Comparison portals neglect but just that phase of the process, where the interested party should fundamentally are encouraged to purchase of an insurance. So first researched a majority of Internet users in other places about the needed protection and visited the websites of comparison portals in particular the specification of the product. Almost half of the interviewees wishes you a comparison portal in addition as an entry point for general information on the subject of insurance. A third is even willing to specify data to the personal life situation, to obtain an optimal hedge proposal. According to the results of the end-customer survey, the comparison portals relating to the support of the customer in the purchase decision process are evaluated in the study. This purchasing decision process is divided into the four phases of stimulation, evaluation, conclusion, and after sales. The evaluation shows that there is still much catching up to do in the design of Web pages. The comparison portals have a 23% overall target achievement in support of the user along the customer buying cycle up to 56%. Although no comparison portal has implemented all of the assessment criteria, is evident in the evaluation that all phases of the customer buying cycle approaches to the optimal design to meet already. This applies to unite, to bind the customer in the long term to the portal now.