Since June the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria (Senasa) authorized the sale of Kangaroo in the Peru meat to be honest I didn’t know that is comecializa in other parts of the world Kangaroo meat but also does not surprise me because there are many things in the world that one does not know. Kangaroo meat is colored red, very similar to beef, but more tender. So the Kangaroo meat, which now may be imported from Australia the authorization to bring market and consume this meat in the country has been given as I commented by SENASA and the Ministry of agriculture and it only allows the import of meat from kangaroos born, bred and benefit in Australia. It should be recalled that Kangaroo meat is known for its quality and is considered as one of the most exquisite. In addition, it contains iron and zinc, and less fat than beef. All those specimens that died as a result of a program of eradication by disease and those who were born in regions which are under official quarantine of the continent country are excluded. Various views and/or opinions have emerged in newspapers who spread this news either positive and negative in this meat consumption. In my opinion not is if it prove does it pobrarian? We can say that there is a group on Facebook which diffuses that kangaroos massacred by skins and their meat course and where skins sold you to a company in slippers. It is not with the eagerness of speak of any institution but there is rejection yet I believe in the consumption of this meat in the country, is my perception.Have they already tested this meat?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Agents who first of all answer the call, could then connect callers according to their requests with the appropriate language portal, rather than to make it through a clerk”, says Laste. “For Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the industry initiative voice business,, is not consistently this direction: that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel full-bodied announced 115 project is a proof for the deferred technophobia of political decision makers”, criticized in an interview with NeueNachricht Steimel. “Who’s calling a central hotline, expect that he can do his concern quickly and without large detours and possible also outside normal office hours.” He is therefore Speech dialog systems for the pre-qualification by callers concern or but also answering standard inquiries such as the opening hours of the municipal library. It was in the sense of the citizen. According to Steimel, it is also conceivable that the Central citizens call perish on his success.

So complain for example operators noted. companies or phone numbers of up to 15 percent of so-called junk calls or fun calls that simply for entertainment at the staff want to make, but stop the operation” The use of language computers work here as a buzz kill”. Steimel is convinced: who is on a one-stop-Government’ sets, which must also expect citizens to take the offer seriously and really voice any concerns to the fence war with the neighbors. Without a reasonable concept for Automation are the citizens phones run hot and explode the costs.” Such as, for example, banks or insurance standard processes such as the change of address and bank account details or identify a caller on the Enter of a reference number by means of speech dialog systems work off the same also for public administration could be thinking. Here too, you could save time by shifting certain benefits on a voice portal for more complex requests that actually require direct contact with the citizens. Philippe Lavertu is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “It is reasonable to expect that the use is promoted by speech dialog systems for D-115 of empty state coffers for Thomas Mierschke: because the households it not give, to replace all departing employees, it may very well be, that voice portals with their low-cost self service options gain greater significance.”

Cuba Solidarity

as in the time it was announced and predicted from the government … (Alligators from the same well, you know just about everybody). I have always stated and made public my support and my admiration for the efforts of these young students that since the closure of RCTV have taken to the streets to demonstrate peacefully and civilly but not by themselves be able to achieve its objectives or accompanying “monolithically “will be reached these objectives, solidarity is a necessary but not sufficient.

The government does not need to tell us on the march, as he is concerned or takes away or how many we put him in them, our numbers, public and visible only makes sense for the purposes of the international perception of widespread rejection towards this scheme, the government knows very well how we are and why their fears, their hustle and their pressures at all levels to achieve their goals before we can coordinate a minimally coherent response they feel imminent but still know very messy and lacking leadership and direction. In my opinion, students have “raised a hare” and we are all together in solidarity to pursue the hare … but what is needed is to raise a multitude of hares, the issue of Venezuela and its present and its future is not limited to freedom of expression or university autonomy, there is much more at stake. Why not for years accompanied by doctors when they protested the invasion of Cuba? Why not for weeks accompanied the carriers when they protested the creation of this alleged state transport company that will be left in the street? Why not go out en masse to protest the expropriation of land and businesses and the confiscation of their equipment over the years has been pursued with any excuse? Why talk wistfully of a particular political prisoner or 10 instead of requiring permanent and all available means the immediate release of all political prisoners? .