Utilities System

For example, self-launched umpeu DN80 collective farm "Calculation" in Tobolk, umpeu DN250 ao "LPK" Syktyvkar umpeu DN300 llc Tehagrostroy "Omsk, umpeu Du400 and DN150 jsc ", umpeu DN150 sue Utilities System BAM" in Tynda and more than hundreds of other businesses. Reviews of the umpeu sm.na site: Conclusions. 1. umpeu and psa are mixing type heat exchangers with a fundamentally different principle of action. 2.

umpeu and psa have general advantages over surface steam heaters heating water (shell and tube, plate): – reduce the consumption of heating steam and reducing heat loss from the outer surface (possible effect of the transit pair, smaller size, heat is used at 100%) – High reliability (in the design of thin-walled tube, and no plate) – there is no need chemical cleaning of the tube bundle and the plates from deposits – saving space under construction and installation works. Continue to learn more with: Nissan. – Lack of systems to collect condensate. 3. Differences in the characteristics and properties and umpeu PSA: – umpeu has a wide range of piping diameters than psa (maximum Du500mm instead of DN150 mm in PSA) – umpeu has many times more performance and capacity than psa (implemented umpeu Du500mm with performance of 1600-1700 m / h for psa maximum capacity is 300 t / h) – lower performance and capacity of psa leads to an increase in the number of vehicles for the same power, which is accompanied by significant increase in the cost of circuitry and complexity of management – umpeu does not require line mix with – umpeu can operate at lower pressure ratio of steam and water; – psa can be used without hydraulic resistance umpeu a loss of water pressure, depending on the ratio of vapor pressures and water flow range of water -.


In any case, before painting to degrease the surface to remove oil-grease. Too aggressive solvents are susceptible to damage solvents plastics. Degreaser to pick up such that-be do not dissolve very plastic, but it is well to remove impurities. The most 'gentle' is alcohol, not bad himself showed isopropanol, it is somewhat less volatile than ethyl alcohol, and do not drink! If contamination is strong, then degreasing should be done in two phases – first, rub the product with solvent dampened lint-free material, such as heavy-duty napkins resistant solvent radex absorbent blue, the second – rubbing dry material to remove contaminants. At one time to remove heavy contamination is not obtained, only spreads the product. If you use an antistatic degreasers, then simultaneously with the de-oiling we remove the static charge from plastic and reduces the likelihood of adhering dust. But if the production volume is large, and it becomes a problem – wipe each piece is individually words No! In this case, you need to think about degreasing equipment.

Solvents, plastic-soaked during the cleaning, must be completely removed before application of paints. Otherwise, do not evaporate before the end of degreaser can undermine the paint coating application. Immediately prior to coloring products can Blasting by compressed air, removing the solvent and residues and dust. When using a mixture of plastics be prepared to possible problems with the color of paint, not all materials are equally well hold for various plastics and besides, if a stranger appears on the surface of plastic products inclusions may arise craters as a result not of a homogeneous wetting of paint in these areas and on the main surface. Where possible, such products on the painting is better not to send, and if there is no other choice, then they should not be painted one normal layer, several thin deposition. With regard to dust I can only say one thing – if you want to have a quality color plastic, it is necessary to ensure that in the painting shop conditions and prevents the formation of a dust. But this is a subject of a separate article.