Day Time

Great innovations do not appear of one day for another one, they are fruits of constant work, evaluation, exchange of opinions, interaction, attempt and error, are resulted of one discipline, open mind. They are also fruits of the way, surrounding it that it foments the sprouting of ideas and not them censorship, is not worried only in the defense of the status quo. this environment certainly is not a company who acts of afoita form, without the had planning, only worried about the imediatismo of costs, prices, competitors, defects, wastefulness and as much other problems day to day, therefore these problems is consequncia of if better working or worse – and not it cause of failure. In according to place, and this is not applied only to the work, does not exist time lack accurately. It exists, this yes, headquarters of to be able, desire of if feeling and if showing important, lack of focus in the activity-key, at last, wasted time (we confuse a world in change with overload of information). No person obtains to the same keep concentration level during all the day, any that is the activity. Already she was said that genius if summarizes 10% of inspiration and 90% of expiration. The problem is that, without perceiving this, we finish disdaining 10% that, many times, are valid more than 90%. By chance, we could call unproductive that one that was a considerable period without presenting nothing of important, but had a shining idea that it resulted for folding the profits of the company? Then, we ask: what it (it) made during the time that did not present nothing of new? It was concentrated in daily tasks? It must not have left to consider them, but perhaps not so intensely how much the majority is accustomed. Certainly it made comments, research, exchange of ideas, harvested opinions, it learned, it taught, etc.