Business Mode

Fashion rules in the business world must be observed, if you want to have success in the upper floor of a company works, goes on business trips who participates in important meetings, negotiate with business partners, etc. can business fashion not renounce. He or she often are the poster child for the company to business partners, and if then the clothes to layer, it may be that a deal is not concluded. The clothing is almost as important as the expertise, the sociability and ability to communicate. Men wear preferably blue, grey or brown suits, with a matching solid color shirt and a harmonious looking tie. It must not be a white shirt, the color should fit but in any case to which the suit and might like to subtly patterned tie, with Micky Maus & co on a tie looks like fun though, for executives, but, it is an absolute NoGo. Black suits should not be worn, because they on the interlocutor to distant and dominant Act.

The unwritten rules of styling in terms of business fashion are not quite as strict as for men for women, but also a lot more ways to wear the wrong thing there. The clothes should be relatively conservative and together with jewelry, leave a harmonious overall view hairstyle and makeup, which acts not overdressed. Long trousers, skirts to pants suits and costumes, include the knee, blouses, fine knit, of business fashion for women. To garish shades, plunging, jeans, sequined, rhinestone, Ruffles, Tiger pattern, high open-toed shoes, too much makeup and perfume, should be avoided for the sake of career. It is also important that always stockings to wear skirts or dresses and the handbag color matches the shoes.