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Vikora presents the LEGALXPRESS product family from the House of most-SoFT systems and shows how in the future can be kept towards the post himself. Berlin, January 19, 2009 on the Web is no one sure whether the communications remain confidential or will read \”by unauthorized third parties\”, it says in a recently published paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. For this reason, business correspondence is still via mail and fax is done apart from the non-binding communication by E-Mail in most cases. Here, the time is now ripe to overcome these shortcomings and weaknesses of Web-based communication. Under the motto \”communicate securely, save costs, operate more efficiently\” competence network Vikora at the CeBIT presents 2009 for the first time from the home, the new product family, LEGALXPRESS AM-SoFT systems. LEGALXPRESS is the universal solution for secure and legally binding communications over the Internet. Initially started as a lawyer portal, offers LEGALXPRESS immediately tailored solutions and modules with which not only Prosecutor, justice and administration, but also banks, associations and companies can communicate securely electronically. With LEGALXPRESS, sharing of data via the Internet is protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

In addition, the sender receives a proof of delivery – just like in a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt of messages and documents. LEGALXPRESS protects against manipulation by an electronic signature process electronically sent written statements, i.e. it get the files that were sent electronically. Subsequently made changes to the electronically delivered document can be detected by comparing it with the original on the server. At the same time, LEGALXPRESS offers a wide range of signature solutions to legally sign and securely archive electronic documents. The LEGALXPRESS client communication is particularly interesting for lawyers. Thus a comfortable and discreet lawyers can your clients on the firm website Grant access to the electronic record of the hand while they at any time and anywhere have access to the correspondence through the reference-based communication management with all clients.