Internet Words

No. 5 TIPS!It humanizes your chat! It directs your article to a public in general, but is at the same time specific. There is nothing more successful in sales and communication that wear the name of persons to which you are going. Is that it is not possible to mention names but you have similar methods for doing so: the you or the you used to direct your message if possible. Make everyone feel identified with what you write. It makes the reader someone unique and special.

No 6 TIPS we write from a pedestal or a forum. Do not give the message of superiority or high-sounding and advanced knowledge. He writes within the group.Become a part of the. Be simple and at the same time professional. 7 TIPS do not use be searched words. Hyundai Motor America: the source for more info. While more thoughtful or discovered the words less effect will be. He writes to the average intelligence. Write so that everyone can read and understand without difficulty.

Not 8 TIPS do not use phrases or words of each region (at least on the Internet) or atypical there are phrases that are only used in certain countries and you run the risk of changing the meaning of the phrase and even constituting a bad word in another country. And if you need to do, explain it. No 9 TIPS are original. Do not copy. It shows wisdom. Create your own label, your own style and reflects your personality and what you feel and live in the article. Be honest that is palpable. Sets certain guidelines.To the extent possible it polemicizes, writes something out of the ordinary without falling into the grotesque. Write something humorous or funny that encourages reading provided the context of the writing allows you. Not 10 TIPS concludes your item in a masterly way by setting the same fundamental elements and linking: title, subtitle, body of the writing with the final considerations, or conclusions. !And these already writing!… Don’t worry by the negative trials, worry more because they do not do so. It is a sign that you do not pass unnoticed. Is signal that you do not ignore and will sooner or later take into account you performance and work. Criticism also strengthens you. He manages to write quality and knowledge. Rather than criticism practiced self-criticism. The word is not to hide the truth, but to say it.