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However it is not so easy to find the limit of a gas. But whatever the State of matter, as physical element has its own limit finite. That allows you to differentiate yourself from other bodies. Questions to the master: the master investigate these questions and those that arise in your mind. And take them of the complex sphere to the innocent, natural and simple sphere in which the children live. 1. when that element it can be called an entity limit at the level of basic mathematics? Does if it is Yes to how many items can be called limit? because such elements demonstrate the limit of something? In case is the limit in mathematical things important? Do mathematical elements lose the limit for being in its essence infinite? JOSE ORLANDO MELO NARANJO trainer on theory basic of the mathematics 7 do the mathematical elements are mostly finite or inifinos? For the basic mathematics of the two items above are most important? That type are immediate things or those that are not immediate? Is math important to know things? Is mathematics an art or a science? This kind of questionnaires is important because we need to make children critical beings.

Beings of thought and reason, mercy and piety. Because no single teacher should transmit a science or an art, you must transmit an essence, leaving in its students the legacy, the principle and human formation. Therefore must not allow societies to continue away to man more and more in their natural state, because the only thing that make societies, is do more miserable that never. However sighs flow with pretensions of grandeur and superiority, nothing more hypocrite and contrary to the primitive nature of which we never had of leaving. First and foremost we need to form humanists. Bibliography: Algebra De Baldor aurelio baldor r, the author of the book more terror aroused in all Latin America high school students, was not born in Baghdad.