Management One

Readers. Since that I heard the phrase ‘ ‘ Living in the future, dreaming of realizado’ ‘ in a small meeting of work of that ten minutes last where the objective is to take off doubts about a task, comes thinking on the heading of this article. But because this phrase moved with me? Certain that the enterprise planning has an important paper for the organizations and that without it we do not arrive at the intended objectives to put is certain also that to plan the future we have that to analyze the gift to verify the problems that need to be corrected because the paper and Excel spread sheets accept everything with much easiness and the simple act to dream of carried through perfect not the manager a perfect life in the future. Very complex with the carried through one of today that we have the chance to learn and most important to try to correct what this being given wrong, to supply to that they are making the planning experiences, reasons and arguments so that deceits, processes or of difficult applications are not taken for the future only because if this ‘ ‘ sonhando’ ‘ with one carried through perfect one in the future, this attitude can be compared with a trip of the dreams that we are planning has some time to put if in this trip we plan to go of car and our car this with a mechanical defect very probably we will not have the carried through one of our dreams. So that carried through ours it is what we dream we must: to 1.Analisar the situation in such a way leading in account the external environment how much the intern (very complex processes or of difficult applications, for example). 2.A definition of the mission of the company or project must in agreement with the vision of the company; to 3.Formular objective you reached. to 4.Formular strategies that primem for simplicity and that they are of easy agreement; 5.Avaliar its possible results the front of the established objectives. The success of carried through of a strategy or the task this very related with the capacity that we have to foresee problems and solutions, I lock up this text with a phrase of Alvin Toffler ‘ ‘ The future is not predetermined. He is, at least in part, subject to our influence. Our interest must be, therefore, to focus previsible futures in such a way how much the ones that are possible and provveis.