Manipulators and other lifting accessories in many manufacturing processes used today more and more machines and robots. The manipulator is especially versatile, a device made of Robotics who access the lifting and moving of different loads can be accomplished. For this there is a movable arm which can be controlled either hydraulic or electric loads increase and move. So the workers must exert slight pressure or tensile, unerringly to move heavy loads. Also decreases the risk of injury when dealing with bulky, heavy or sharp objects this of course.

Not forget not the protection of employees can of course also. Because without robotic assistance has recorded a substantial part of the sickness due to wear of the muscular and skeletal system. The manipulator will help to minimize these costly sick days, or to prevent. The manipulator can easily take up to several hundred kilograms depending on the type and move. The force, to do so by the operator must be exercised, is negligible, as any movement is extremely reinforced.

Of course, complex movements such as rotate and tilt can be performed easily. Any movements of the manipulator are naturally infinitely variable, so that a high level of comfort can be achieved. Depending on the request, the manipulator can be fix installed or available on wheels. The rigid guidance of the load has can be raised of course the advantage of the far greater loads. Also, adverse situations can be achieved, as the unit is very well established. So also eccentrically located loads can be recorded and stable moves. While this can be attached to the ceiling, as well as on a pillar or similar, to achieve a maximum freedom of movement. Depending on your needs, the manipulator can be equipped also with shorter or longer poor and various hand tools. So the load can perfectly adapted to your own needs, which allows a particularly effective use!