State Duma Committee

But the producers managed to slow the pace of decline in production observed since September 2008 and March 2009, observed a positive trend in domestic pharmaceutical production. Thus, the first steps to stabilize the market have already been made. ” Indeed, this year is planned to start in January, stopped production on “Krasfarma” The assortment is are inexpensive antibiotics, infusion solutions and blood products. The reason for the restoration of one of the pipelines – a government order for cost-effective and relevant for today’s buyer’s products, increased interest in which is explained by consumer preferences. Sales growth less expensive domestic products and the active position of Russian producers will increase the share of local products production.

Their retail sales tended to decline over the past few years, and up to the 1 st half of 2009 showed an increase. For example, Russian company “Pharmacor” Sotex and Veropharm noted rapid increase in production volumes in relation to the 1 st half of 2008. However, according to the head of the State Duma Committee on Health Olga Borzova, changes in drug prices are less related to economic crisis and currency fluctuations, but mostly – are the result of a lack of effective control of pricing and procurement of medicines in the Russian regions. And to solve this problem, Health Ministry has already prepared and delivered to the Government of the Russian Federation law “On circulation of drugs”, which provides for state regulation of prices of essential drugs. It should be noted that industry associations have tried to convince officials that the document needs a complete revision.