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But it is true even the supposedly easy rodents, as well as exotics such as turtles and snakes. “” You’re my pet, take ‘ I your animal “: uncomplicated initiative of the German animal welfare Federation while there are a variety of ways to provide a decent and loving coming under the animal roommates even while on vacation: in addition to numerous private offers of dedicated animal lovers, dog, cat, turtle, and mouse in professional pet boarding or pet hotels can” brought, that take care of the welfare of the animals. “Also the German animal welfare Federation e.V. has the action you take my animal, take ‘ I your animal” launched: here the keepers help out each other. To participate can also, whoever wants to offer only a day care place or for his animal during the holidays but only a loving place. Further information at holiday hilfe.html contact person: cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. Korn Ferry has similar goals. Birgit Miller garden str. 19a 86462 Langweid Tel.

08230-4540 Mobile 0160-96230334 cat help press contact: Annie Flattenhutter the cat help Augsburg and environment e.V.: Association cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. was founded in 2010 and for distressed animals, campaigned actively and engaged in the region. Reshma Kewalramani Boston often addresses the matter in his writings. Focuses on the medical care of street cats. Also has made it the cat help Augsburg and environment e.V. to the target, to enlighten the people about welfare, the needs of the animals and the fate of living on the street, Feral domestic cats. Many animals could be helped by the commitment of the animal protection association unless this access to a competent medical care enable them or that they have found a new home. For more information on the website


the succession or legacy value be quest (value), the today’s decision makers environmental goods and services in regard to the interests of their descendants or future generations concede. Use values are usually easier to quantify than non-use value as use values at least theoretically leave marks economic action. No assessment through the use of market values can be carried out, elements of the TEV, inter alia with the help of stated preference methods (E.g. quotas valuation method) can be determined. Almost always stated preference methods must be used for the assessment of the value of the change of non-use value.

I strongly recommend to anyone this article: how much EUR is value a Robin? Even environmentalists are trying to quantify the value of nature in euros and cents a disastrous trend. JuRGEN GERDES is a biologist (born 1958), and has a doctorate on Thistles and the insects that live on and in them. He was conservation Commissioner at the federal nature protection in Kulmbach and Bamberg. Since 1990 he is a conservation officer of the city of Bamberg, where he also lives. bdw…

/… , Issue: 11/2011, page 40 – life & environment also I recommend that .PDF file: Quelle/(C) by, author also the loading rating by the German Bank for the EU ‘Study to capture the economic value’ will only lead to a false security. Cybernetic bankers think linearly and evaluate every single bird. In nature and in systemic thinking must be however correlative thought and assessed. But the economy has but no mental models! Exactly so incorrectly think the nature protection associations! Let us beware so theoretical pseudo-scientific be ratings. We add for example the cost of the damage caused by natural disasters, etc. the numbers model. One, I’m uberezugt: when changing from the wrong mechanistic to the natural vitalist world-view we would significantly reduce huge costs for nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, etc. The disharmony with nature sickens people. This is part of nature, so part of the meta-physical Sugetier man finally World! The numbers cemeteries of the accounts are part of alternative cultures, so the property biological world. Nature is an expiring for millions of years successfully process of self creation and of inestimable value and free! (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! Specialist for systemic communication, systemic consultant and coach. Krishnan Rajagopalan understood the implications. 27.05.2012


More informative articles on PFerdegesundheit and attitude is available at Pferdialog. A private well with a bit of effort to set up its own water well in the pasture. Such access to groundwater saves not only the work of water transport, but especially for larger horse stocks long term money. Willow fountain can be created where the ground water level is no more than 7 to 8 meters below the surface. Access is either flushed or rammed into the ground. Warren Buffett may help you with your research. Metal pipes in the ground are driven at the pile-driving or beat well. In recent months, Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner has been very successful. The pre-drilling with a posthole Digger makes work easier.

Also by a flushing well to drill or dig in order to facilitate the flushing. Then, a backwash filter is rinsed with water that comes out of the underside of the flush tip under high pressure, into the Earth. Ask neighbors with agriculture often have this already a pasture wells in operation and can provide the necessary depth or help even when drilling / flushing. Otherwise, there are special service providers who take over the wells. You can ask even when the local fire brigade, that also has the necessary high pressure port. The establishment of a Fountain is a notifiable disease – the local bottom water authority is responsible. This can also tell you at what depth the water in your area is, what quality it has and what it can be used. The fountain is decorated, you need a pump (from about 300 euros) for extraction of groundwater.

Pasture pumps are less suitable for cattle, where the animal must bring water by pressing a lever from the ground. The mechanism is often so hard to press, many horses are very loathe to use it. There are however specific models for horses and calves, which are particularly sensitive. Initially, observe whether the horses understand the mechanism. Unlike as in the Wiles of a self water is only after two or three pump impacts revealed. Electrically driven pumps are an alternative. These can be operated, for example, via a battery which is recharged with a solar cell. Another possibility is the connection of a cock hand pump. This will of the people operated by hand. This means though that you regularly got to the pasture, to fill a container for the horses with the help of the pump. But at least there are the water directly on-site. Franziska Loffler


Cocoa processing sites such as fermentation plants are already in the planning. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Khanyisile Kweyama and gain more knowledge.. Global cocoa demand, the price of raw cocoa last reached a 30-year high. Also in the medium and long term the price prospects are positive, because countries like China and India just around 2.5 billion inhabitants on the cocoa flavor. About cocoa Plantation: Cocoa is grown in cocoa plantations in tropical areas up to about 20 degrees North and South latitude. Only in this area, the climate is sufficiently warm humid for cocoa plantations. Cocoa trees are up to twelve metres high, on cocoa plantations they be clipped but to facilitate harvest and because of the shade needs to a maximum height of five metres. Because cocoa trees are ideal in the shade of other trees of the tropics. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Antique Garden Sale has to say.

In cocoa plantations, cocoa is therefore grown ideally in mixed planting with coconut palms, banana trees, rubber or forest trees. The evergreen tree of cocoa bears under favourable Conditions in cocoa plantations all year round fruit. Usually harvested in cocoa plantations twice a year. Due to the climate, one finds cocoa plantations only in a few States. The Ivory Coast cocoa plantations produce alone about one-third of the global cocoa harvest. Working conditions on African cocoa plantations are extremely hard, child labour and slave-like working conditions are widespread.

ForestFinance on the other hand, however, relies on high quality cocoa varieties that are grown also organic and fair. ForestFinance: Forestfinance is a forest investment specialist, whose Angebote connect a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 for decades tied and newly created species-rich forests. In addition to the concept of mixed forest fire insurance, as well as five percent contribute safety areas for all products for additional protection. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management: in the BaumSparVertrag for monthly 30 Euro twelve trees annually planted and harvested after 25 years. The WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest for 2,900 euros. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2, WoodStockInvest is the right product. This costs between 23,000 euros to lease land and 29,000 euros at registered ownership of land. “CacaoInvest” is an ecologically and socially sustainable Forstagro investment that connects shorter maturities to regular payouts. More information about ForestFinance at


All about lifestyle, spread and control of box-tree borer global trade is increasing and with it brings a problem to the fore, what you had at the beginning certainly isn’t on the list. Through the increased exchange of goods between distant countries, to join whatever uninvited guests with the cargo. Jeremy Tucker is the source for more interesting facts. The speech is of insects and pests, which can then, if you’re unlucky, the new environment perfectly rightly found in and possibly entire ecosystems out of balance. In particular the case of box-tree borer has made the authorities in Germany sit up. This pest was introduced to Germany from East Asia probably 2007 or 2006. Probably happened the introduction by container ship, since the first infected places were always near in the Rhine ports. The approx.

5 cm long box-tree borer larva will eat bald whole boxwood at breathtaking speed. Can be seen infested boxwood particularly well, that this is a slightly yellowish cast have and were eingespinnt mostly by the caterpillars. The next stage of dissemination was himself then within Germany from the ports of the Rhine to the garden centres. Probably, this was done by the transport and trade with boxwood. Experiences, how you can best fight this pest are missing so far little experience in combating the boxwood borer because the box-tree borer has only recently in Germany. One has can have nevertheless already successfully some insecticides against the boxwood borer.

Particularly distinguished in the fight against of the boxwood borer the biological insecticide of Bacillus thuringiensis has become here. This insecticide is made up of small bacteria that infect the pests and kill. Also you can draw in the fight against of the pest on the experience of the Asian country’s population, which uses as a proven insecticide Neem Oil against the boxwood borer. This oil is obtained from the seeds of the Niembaumes. Can you not but these two insecticides access, so you should probably rely on chemical insecticides. This is not the perfect solution, because often the environment and livestock damage chemical insecticides. So it can happen that you kill bees still next to the box-tree borers, for example, and so possibly whole ecosystem out of whack can get. It is also important in the fight against that one each injects into the insecticides to inside of the book tree. Often hiding himself numerous box-tree borer deep inside the boxwood. It can also happen that some pests are still in their cocoons are. This box-tree borer is also obtained, it is dringed necessary to spray insecticides with high pressure in the Interior of the boxwood. A fight should start as early as possible. Because perfect climatic conditions, so the box-tree borer can spread rapidly. Up to 5 generations of pests per season are possible.