All about lifestyle, spread and control of box-tree borer global trade is increasing and with it brings a problem to the fore, what you had at the beginning certainly isn’t on the list. Through the increased exchange of goods between distant countries, to join whatever uninvited guests with the cargo. Jeremy Tucker is the source for more interesting facts. The speech is of insects and pests, which can then, if you’re unlucky, the new environment perfectly rightly found in and possibly entire ecosystems out of balance. In particular the case of box-tree borer has made the authorities in Germany sit up. This pest was introduced to Germany from East Asia probably 2007 or 2006. Probably happened the introduction by container ship, since the first infected places were always near in the Rhine ports. The approx.

5 cm long box-tree borer larva will eat bald whole boxwood at breathtaking speed. Can be seen infested boxwood particularly well, that this is a slightly yellowish cast have and were eingespinnt mostly by the caterpillars. The next stage of dissemination was himself then within Germany from the ports of the Rhine to the garden centres. Probably, this was done by the transport and trade with boxwood. Experiences, how you can best fight this pest are missing so far little experience in combating the boxwood borer because the box-tree borer has only recently in Germany. One has can have nevertheless already successfully some insecticides against the boxwood borer.

Particularly distinguished in the fight against of the boxwood borer the biological insecticide of Bacillus thuringiensis has become here. This insecticide is made up of small bacteria that infect the pests and kill. Also you can draw in the fight against of the pest on the experience of the Asian country’s population, which uses as a proven insecticide Neem Oil against the boxwood borer. This oil is obtained from the seeds of the Niembaumes. Can you not but these two insecticides access, so you should probably rely on chemical insecticides. This is not the perfect solution, because often the environment and livestock damage chemical insecticides. So it can happen that you kill bees still next to the box-tree borers, for example, and so possibly whole ecosystem out of whack can get. It is also important in the fight against that one each injects into the insecticides to inside of the book tree. Often hiding himself numerous box-tree borer deep inside the boxwood. It can also happen that some pests are still in their cocoons are. This box-tree borer is also obtained, it is dringed necessary to spray insecticides with high pressure in the Interior of the boxwood. A fight should start as early as possible. Because perfect climatic conditions, so the box-tree borer can spread rapidly. Up to 5 generations of pests per season are possible.

Dog Beds & Dog Cushion Of New Generation

The online specialist for orthopaedic designer dog beds from vets recommended, designed by designers, made by professionals: the orthopedic beds the company dream dog, an entirely new generation of dog beds has conquered the market. Dog beds, Orthopedic Dog pillows and dog mats by dream dog combine function, aesthetics and perfect processing. Filled with 100% Visco foam, a large selection of designer covers, and a special manufacturing process in the Chamber system satisfy even the highest demands of dogs and owners. Visco foam revolutionized the dog bed. No other material has similar valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation, circulation and pain relief. Dog beds, dog cushions and dog mats made of Visco foam just always keep the spine of the dog and are therefore suitable for every four-legged friends to protect the joints and thus to the prevention of osteoarthritis. The point-elastic dog beds are recommended by veterinarians, amongst diagnosed arthritis, arthralgia (HD, ED), spinal cord damage (spondylosis), senior dogs and allergies to house dust mites. Visco foam was originally developed by the U.S.

space agency NASA, to compensate for the enormous pressure on the astronauts during the launch phase. The high-tech material used in human care for years, to prevent bed sores in patients. Meanwhile, more and more hospitals equip their beds with Visco mattresses. The special production process of a large German manufacturer of mattresses, the annoying slipping of the filling of the past belongs to. An elaborate system of the Chamber ensures that dream dog beds are always perfect in form and usually keep a dog’s life long. In addition they characterized by extremely high acceptance in dogs, because they correspond to their natural need for sleep. Elisabeth Wurscher

New Generation Of Family Seal

Cute baby seals on the beach of Heligoland Center in winter. December on the Heligoland dune. In this cold and uncomfortable time of storms, the seals get their offspring. Barely born, are the white howler on the cold sand. Go to JPMorgan Chase for more information. The wind sweeps through the beach and still the cute little critters to look awake and very interested in their new environment.

165 Seal babies have been born since November on the Heligoland dune. Storm Xaver separated about 50 babies, these defenceless newborn last week only from their mothers. If the strong waves from storms such as Xavier on the beach break, newborn babies have much of a chance. However, could watch about 100 cute baby seals on Helgoland and of course film Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel this weekend. Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel has produced mainly films from Sweden in recent years. “” The documentation elk hunting in Sweden “or the new film of Europe’s wild North” show the beauty of Scandinavia and exciting wildlife.

For his Stock Footage offering produced the film makers but also different film sequences used in film, TV and advertising worldwide. Offer the Stock Footage can be found under. The animal films and documentaries are available on and also at Amazon. Jens Klingebiel – animal maker