Buying Land Plot

We have said before that buying land is necessary to carefully check the documents to him. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the following factors: the location of the site as well. Estimate the distance from the site where the future will be your home, to work, the place of study, etc., that is, places where you often away from home spend time and where you will have to constantly reach. b. Assess availability of infrastructure facilities (pharmacies, supermarkets, fire, hospital, etc.).

It is important that apart from forests, lakes, and new homes were still near and above the objects. Many potential buyers with his mouth open looking at the sites (houses) in the vaunted cottage town. But town campus strife, and sometimes it's better to live among some of the village every morning and breathe the natural flavor of rural life than live far from the universe, the woods, where the nearest stall to go for three days by the same forest. at. Rate path and direction to your site.

If an object like a number, but must be getting a couple of hours in a traffic jam, it might cost to buy more land, but with a better opportunity doezzhat. The same goes for road surfacing. Reflecting on direction, review the information on the possible prospects of this or that direction, the direction of the market underestimated due to the presence of other areas that are of interest even now. size of the plot As stated in the well-known advertising, size does matter.


Buyer gradually returns provided the amount without interest, the mandatory fixed payments and timeframes. All this time the buyer-tenant lives in an apartment and pay the investor 15% per annum on the amount provided to them. Learn more about this with Bill Phelan. As a rule, this conditional "rent" two to three times lower than the market value of the relevant lease an apartment. Once the buyer is fully refundable provided Investor and the tenant-buyer the amount – he calls in an apartment and becomes her rightful owner. BUYER-LESSEE is able to benefit for a long time to live in an apartment (Civilized rent), which gives stability and confidence in the future. The savings on rent allows more efficient to save money to buy his own apartment. Speak on the program "Housing move 'as Buyer-tenant may, after accumulating 25% of the apartments, which allows to use available funds more efficiently and simultaneously solve the housing problem. Bargain rent at this stage allows for more efficient accumulation of funds, which allows further speak on the program as a buyer of the apartment.

It is possible to accelerate the accumulation of funds, putting them in the program as an investor and receiving from them income. The customer receives interest-free loan, so that saves a lot of money, quickly calculated the rent and is able to pay their own pace according to their capabilities. At the same time protect themselves from rising property values, as the price the apartment since the purchase has not changed. Speak on the program "Housing step" in the role of the Buyer may, after accumulating 50% of the purchase price and more.

Construction Companies

Our model is based on investors who buy land on the stage of development and to receive the same profit as the developer, paying only a portion of the cost. This usually happens as follows. Development company gets funds from financial institutions, using as collateral the land and other assets. Almost immediately, bear interest and will require substantial payments by the end of the construction process. Distinction Model Landcorp is that customers own the land on which the building is, along with the development company, in connection with the developer does not pay interest. In exchange, real estate development company provides investors of the profits, which in normal conditions is available only to people with significant resources. How can you estimate the value of land with building permit or without authorization? For objects real estate, we can compare the prices. But how do I know how much will cost a few acres of land after obtaining a permit, say, the construction of the hotel overlooking the beach? As well as for real estate, buying land compares the price of land with a building permit or without such authorization. Similarly, real estate, you need to look at the price of nearby land, a category into which the area (green zone, previously used for industrial purposes, and then abandoned land, agricultural land, land for construction, etc.), proximity to town / settlements and facilities, the size of the local population in the vicinity, schedule of international flights from major cities in the world, etc.

Development Business

All these factors are worth considering companies planning to shift location, the expansion of facilities and opening additional facilities in other parts of the city. In the analysis of the main areas of business and consumer activity in 5-10 years, namely, a planning horizon is required when making decisions about major investments in real estate development and network / affiliate business, be sure to take into account the development plans of the city. On the volume of business and increase property values are directly influenced by such factors as: 1.formirovanie areas of business activity, 2.formirovanie shopping areas (trade corridors), 3.izmenenie traffic flows, traffic flows 4.intensivnost and convenience of transport interchanges, 5.formirovanie zones and multi-storey low-rise buildings, 6.migratsiya different social strata in the city. Unfortunately, the majority of respondents were not familiar with the long-term plan of the city and does not consider it at making decisions about business development. The decision is made on the existing supply of real estate, as well as the heads of individual preferences.

Only 6% of respondents (9 companies) are actively studying development plan development planning companies. Commercial real estate market we are considering for the activities is formed by separately-standing shopping centers, business centers, built-in premises on the 1st floor apartment buildings, renovated buildings. For each type of room has its own requirements to ensure customer convenience and staff of the company, generating revenues. For example, a federal company, facing the Kemerovo market makes the following demands to the location of the store, putting a factor of 'location' in a place with respect to other claims, "preferably in places with high levels of pedestrian, road and other traffic. The presence in the visual proximity of transport nodes, intersections and highways.

Location to store a large shopping complex with the presence of other network 'anchor' tenants. " It is assumed that the job of marketing research areas adjacent to the shopping center or office, the calculation of potential flow and cross-buying, the analysis of the social environment and formation of the concept of the object should be dealt with company developers. However, the acquisition of major facilities under renovation or built-in non-residential premises of player marketing analysis rests on the shoulders the companies' buyers. Banks today seek market analysis when making decisions about granting loans for construction and reconstruction to calculate the potential return of objects. Future face of the city is already formed in the allocation of land for different types of building, analyzing the plans of large companies, developers, and, therefore, forecast at 10 years is more than real.