Victor Dezerega Coaching

In the current business world only those companies that are committed to innovate are which can remain competitive in the current market. Authors such as Ken Blanchard, Cris Argynies, Fred Kofman, Rafael Echeverria, John Whitmore, Jose. L. Menendez and Christian Worth have contributed the first books of Coaching or Business Coaching, providing a valuable Foundation for the development of the business coaching. Jerry W. Gilley and Nathaniel Boughtan say: you need to generate new paradigms that will help create a winning organization that includes: development of a new philosophy of human development.

Creation of transfer of learning strategies. Use of professionals in human development as responsible of the performance management systems and internal consultants. Stimulation of the relations of employees creating an attitude of owners use of managers as coaches of performance. Creation of self-esteem of employees and groups. Identification of reward strategies that motivate employees to improve their commitment and achieve results specifically, the importance of the scope of the business coaching cannot be ignored as it can be deduced from what has already said, and as Victor Dezerega, reaffirmed it when places emphasis, that the growing use of the expression business coaching or managerial, Executive or business coaching, reflects the force that this learning goal strategic competition is also gaining in our midst. In fact many executives advanced – beginners in the jargon of this discipline – are increasingly interested in knowing its meaning, usefulness and importance. No less intense is the concern of them about how you learn or dominates this goal competition management. The word coach is widely used in the sports field. In our environment it is associated to coach, but the expression goes far beyond that.

Fashion Week Madrid

Premium frozen yogurt chain or!Mygood will be one of the collaborating brands of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM), the great gateway of Spanish fashion, along with firms like L’Oreal, Inditex or Movistar. At its 56th edition, the event organized by IFEMA will start the next day, August 30, with an inaugural parade of Jesus de el Pozo, and the celebration will continue until September 4. Wells Fargo Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. The first Conference will be dedicated to the designers belonging to the Association of fashion creators of Spain (ACME), which will continue participating designers not integrated in this partnership, as well as the proposals of the young talents of Spanish fashion, gathered in the EGO platform. O!Mygood will be present during the entire duration of the event with a booth for your product tasting star, frozen yogurt, the lightest among the big brands of the sector. The booth will be located at Cibelespacio (in allusion to the catwalk Cibeles, event which replaces), an open Pavilion that will feature the celebration of a multitude of activities such as workshops, contests and interviews different personalities from the world of fashion. Both the at Cibelespacio as a catwalk parades can be accessed only with invitations, which are not on sale. O!Mygood has just launched a promotional campaign which gives 1000 entries among its clients for accessing Cibelespacio, 60 invitations to fashion and a weekend passes or!Mygood Fashion.

This last award includes an invitation double at Cibelespacio, passes to access 4 parades on Saturday, August 1, a tasting at one of the establishments of the Ensign in Madrid and a night in a hotel in the capital for two people. The first 1,000 customers attending one of the centres of O!Mygood in Madrid will receive, together with a minimum consumption of frozen yogurt one of the invitations to Cibelespacio. While accessing the sweepstakes which gives option to get one of the pairs of tickets for the parades of fashion, or the award of the weekend or!Mygood Fashion, simply fill out the promotional coupon of participation that is delivered with each consumption of frozen yogurt, in any of the establishments of the flag in our country. Interested parties have until August 21 to get invitations to the catwalks, date of the last weekly drawing, while the winner of the weekend award will decide the 26th of the same month among all participants. O!Mygood is specialized in the marketing of frozen yogurt of first quality, accompanied by an innovative and exclusive proposal for toppings. O!Mygood is not an ice cream shop, it is not a cafeteria is much more; It is the meeting point for lovers of pleasure but also of how healthy and natural; and so the chain by all Spain, is being developed through a franchise model that adds the consumer experience of an innovative, delicious and healthy product with a high profitability becoming a model really attractive than it awakens the interest of entrepreneurs.