Uruguay Tank

Capsule X is an online game free that belongs to the category of puzzle games and as a result helps to express and train your skills of logic and strategic thinking. The plot of the game is treated on the piloting of the tank on the battlefield so this game is supposed to draw attention of the men first. Let’s take a look at the composition and the general idea of this game of intelligence online. Here there is a floor tile with square gaps that make up your way and a tank that you have to use trying to achieve your goal. Now your task will be to manage the tank with the help of certain keys to collect the capsules of different colors and put them into holes. Remember that they allow you to move through the set of uncovered squares only. You can use the arrow keys (on the right the left/up), Enter and Delete.

In the menu there is a possibility of selecting any level of difficulty that you have already exceeded. But do not let the player into other levels that are still closed. For complete each level you have to return to the headquarters (a square that says H) which is the first step from which you start your movement. The challenging thing about this puzzle game consists of the condition before executing the steps forward you have to think strategically, analyze everything and schedule the road using the mentioned keys. That way the tank can be movement. Capsule X is a puzzle game free online training with strategic thinking because to win and complete the levels you have to carefully plan your movement and think well about the chain of the following steps. Enjoy the new capsule X and the new free jigsaw puzzle game online! Anastartem Blogs related Church Catholic are offered to Mujica to social task Uruguay the day Word @ active Alumni aligning intentions the BSC for the puzzle of 18th century management AutoKey cionoticias.com: autosustitucion of text and keyboard shortcuts on task about Chapter XII of the world and his demons (Carl Sagan) Course where to place the task on the Tec-Digital course computer and political parties and leadership (III) blog of Abel Teclado CodeAct GR100 48kb.