Business Contact Trade Fair

The largest career fair in Central Germany enters the 14th round of Zwickau, 03.10.2012 – you can call itself the largest career fair in Central Germany: the ZWIK Zwickau economic and industry contacts. Soon, she enters the 14th round. Again, companies are invited to sign the future professionals and executives to present and so first contacts. For over 2 years the graduates – and business contact trade fair is member of the community with site Zwickau For more visit information including. participating companies the opportunity to imagine the students and graduates as an attractive employer on the ZWIK. Without hesitation Payoneer explained all about the problem. Especially in times of shortage, companies of various sectors perceive this offer.

Up to 150 companies take part. The exhibition is thus 2,500 3,000 visitors. The community will this year again on the ZWIK be represented. “The ZWIK – Zwickau economic and industry contacts is a community of IPlCon Ltd., with which we want to support personnel marketing the partner. The community complements our contact and trade fair concept with the recommended principle of community good candidates between the MINT company to convey the region of Saxony and thus the potential for our region to bind. “, so Dr.

Jens Lehmann, Managing Director of IPlCon GmbH and initiator, ZWIK Zwickau economic and industry contacts. The graduates – and business contact trade fair offers a perfect platform for mutual exchange. On the one hand, participants receive information about internships, theses, working student activities, training and student jobs and can get an overview of opportunities, potential employers and career prospects in the region. On the other hand, the partner companies of the economic and industry contacts WIK benefit. You have the chance, through direct contact to increase their visibility in the regional student body and in addition an early binding or year-round Presence compared to highly qualified graduates, students and trainees to build. The entrance fee for visitors is free. All data at a glance: When? 08.11.2012, 10 4: 00 Where? More 2012 information you see zwik Stadthalle Zwickau the ZWIK. The community make strong for Saxony and the ZWIK. Together, mint looking for companies from the region of Saxony the professionals of tomorrow for their jobs, placement, internships and training opportunities.