Friedrich Nietzsche

FASCISM fascism, Word that should not be said and much less applied, without having previously been properly studied and explained. Therefore, contrary to what is said, it is believed, taught and thought, fascism is not that ideology or political party of far-right racist, totalitarian, to despise and persecute those who do not think in the same way and that was created by initiative of Benito Mussolini. This, because that the only insurance that dominates the history of fascism, are doubt, contradiction, and the lack of definition of what was this always changing and contradictory ideology. Which you can define exactly what fascism, is due in large part to which the ideas philosophical, political, social, as well as symbolism, style and other elements that gave rise to the birth of fascism. They are older than Mussolini and many of their concepts took shape in the 19th century.

I would say in this regard Primo de Rivera who, referring to Italy, believe that fascism is linked to the life of Mussolini, do not know what is the fascism, have not bothered to find out which is the corporate organization. Will be the own Mussolini who declared in his last speech I don’t invent fascism. For Locchi do not understand nothing of fascism if not fall in the account, or don’t want to admit that the so-called fascist phenomenon is not anything other than the first political manifestation of a vast spiritual and cultural phenomenon which we call super humanism, whose roots are in the second half of the 19th century. This vast phenomenon is configured as a sort of magnetic field in expansion, whose poles are Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche. Fascism, would characterize for being more a imitation, adaptation, a deformation rather than a clear and defined ideology. Nolte says fascism is a road always strewn with interpretation attempts by friends and enemies. .