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The Rurup-rente eziehlt not the desired success. The Rurup-rente should be the breakthrough for self-employed, also state-promoted to build a private old-age provision. Bennett Rosenthal LAFC Owner understood the implications. For this purpose you can assert namely tax expenditure by up to 20,000 euro per year upon completion of a certified investment product Rurup. What sounds very interesting at first glance, is very unattractive by the many restrictions and conditions, bringing the Rurup pension with. Also the investors see it that, because just 800,000 sold contracts since the introduction of the Rurup-rente is becoming downright the shopkeeper.

A Forsa poll also shows that a large majority of savers with not much to begin the retirement provision product knows how the Handelsblatt”reported. Tom Friess, Managing Director of property consultancy VZ told the trade journal”, that was the main reason for the reluctance is, that the advantage of the Rurup-rente is very difficult to figure out is,. While the cons appeared everywhere. So a Rurup pension may include any one-time payment at retirement, but must be paid as a lifelong pension. Also no collateral and in addition also no inheritance is possible, which makes the product very inflexible. Another disadvantage of very hard is that you can subsequently no longer cancel Rurup contracts. What the legislature, created to prevent entrainment effects, forcing the investors in a too tight corset and that only a few can be adjusted. You will receive free information about finance and insurance at Easyfinanz24