International analyst tempers in the U.S. are very volatile. In the past two months Giuliani, Huckabee and McCain topped the polls for the Republican nomination. Romney, thought that he could come to such a place. He is the spokesman for large investors calling for lower taxes and environmental controls. He has been the candidate more millions has put. Its 6 million Mormons co-religionists supported him with everything (that is why Utah Romney wiped out 90% of the votes, percentage unequalled in this campaign).

He kept a good second place winning 4 million votes and in 11 States (figure only slightly surpassed by McCain). However, McCain won in the biggest squares (California, New York, Florida) where all delegates are going to win at the State or district level and, despite having less than 40% of the votes, approached 60% of the delegates elected. Romney estimated that it would be very difficult and expensive to bridge the divide with (who doubles him in delegations) and that more revenue could cause him to appear as Unit calling out to be rows to take advantage of the democratic division. To succeed Romney needed to be dividing the moderates (but they joined when Giuliani endorsed McCain) and conservatives to devote him (but the evangelists of Huckabee don’t want to transact with a mormon, whose proselitista Church, which they see as one greater than the Catholic or Jewish competition). Romney sought to lead the more intransigent against gays, those who miscarry and illegal, although before he was more conciliatory to them when he was Governor of liberal Massachusetts. Huckabee, after having undermined Romney within the religious right now may find that this will support McCain, on condition that he accepts some of their ideas or iron teammate.