Smart Business

Gradually, leaders of salons are beginning to recognize the need to automate the operation of their business. Now on the market are a lot of different software products for beauty salons, different values and different functional filling. The choice of a program depends on how much you are willing to pay for automation, and what results you want get in the end: a program written by a student, "Vasile Batareykinym" for 8000 rubles, or a program developed by software company, even pay for it will have two or even three times as much. You decide. But we must understand that no matter how wonderful the programmer was not a "Basil," he can hardly take into account all the nuances of the show, and it is unlikely he will be able to give you quality support in the event of any problems with the program or the need for its revision. And keep in the cabin staff programmer is not appropriate, and not favorably.

Software companies specializing in software development before you write a program carefully analyze the domain object selected market. Moreover, in case of problems they can always find resources and tools to solve these problems. So is it worth buying the program for 8000 rubles and not have opportunities in it working properly? Is it not better to pay once and get a decent product and ongoing service support? Next I would like to elaborate on one of today's software to automate interior Beauty, available on the market by a developer of software "YuMSSoft: Small & Smart Business (small and smart business) – a program to automate the small and medium businesses, created especially for beauty salons, spas and fitness centers.